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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2023 Academic Policies and Procedures Registration and Course Information Special Registration Options  

Special Registration Options

Pass/No Credit Courses

Students who have completed 63 credits may be permitted to register for a maximum of one course per semester, outside the general curricular requirements and outside courses in the major field, for credit on a Pass/No Credit basis.

Permission to take a course on this basis rests with the instructor of the course and the student's adviser.

Courses taken in this program are graded Pass or No Credit as appropriate. A Pass grade earns degree credit and is equivalent to an A, B, or C. A No Credit grade is equivalent to a D or F. In either instance, the cumulative grade-point average is not affected. See Grades and Records later in this chapter.

Students may choose to change a course registration to Pass/No Credit or to standard grading during the first eight weeks of the semester; such changes must be processed through the registrar's office.

Pass/No Credit courses are indicated on registration forms by the prefix P in the credit-hour prefix area.

Any graduate of Rutgers may register for courses on a Pass/No Credit basis.

Auditing Courses

Upon obtaining the permission of the instructor of the course and subject to the availability of space, full-time students may audit a course without registration. No academic credit is earned in this manner, and audited courses do not appear on the student's transcript. Senior citizens also are encouraged to audit courses.

Repeated Courses

Students receiving a grade of D or F in a course designated as repeatable by the appropriate department and taken within their first two semesters (regardless of the number of credits attempted) may repeat the course in the next regular semester in which it is offered. For students who have attempted fewer than 23 credits in their first two semesters, the repeat option extends through the third semester. Exercise of this repeat course option is subject to the following restrictions:

1. This applies only to courses taken at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

2. The option may be exercised only once for each course and only in the next semester that the course is offered.

3. Repeatable courses are designated by the symbol R after their titles in the course description section of this catalog.

4. Students opting to repeat must indicate their intent by prefixing the symbol R to the credit value of the course at the time of registration.

Both the original and the repeated course grade appear on the student's permanent academic record, but only the better of the two grades of a repeatable course is computed in the cumulative grade-point average. Degree credit is allowed only once, when the course is passed the first time.

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