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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2008-2010 School of Business-Camden Courses Business Administration 135  

Business Administration 135
52:135:101 Business Essentials (3)

Business Essentials is a first-year business course designed to provide a broad perspective on how business operates and fits into the fabric of society. Includes academically rigorous material in the areas of financial analysis, economics, marketing, law, and leadership. Also builds skills in writing, speaking, and critical thinking. Strategies for success in college as well as professional success are discussed, including the role of interpersonal skills and manners.

Restricted to prebusiness (006) majors with special permission from academic services.
52:135:201 Introduction to Business Computing (R) (3) Introduction to computers and information technology, with an emphasis on personal computers and their applications. Understanding of and hands-on experience with application software including word processors, spreadsheets, database systems, electronic mail, and web browsers. Introductory problem solving and computer programming. Prerequisite: No math deficiency.
52:135:250 Business Communications (W) (3)

Business Communications is the study of spoken and written communication in business. Planning, composing, and carrying out communications with employees, management, stockholders, customers, the general public, and government entities. Approximately one-half of the course involves written communication and one-half involves spoken communication. A working knowledge of MS Office programs (e.g., MS Word, MS PowerPoint) is strongly recommended.

Prerequisite: 50:350:102. (Restricted to majors 006, 010, 390, 533, 620, 630.)
52:135:491 Raising Capital (3) This course discusses how to raise initial capital as well as critically evaluating the trade-offs among alternative financing sources over a company's life. Topics include Angel Investors, private placements, venture capital, junk bonds, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and related management issues.
52:135:499 Business Leader Development Program (BLDP) Seminar (3) Various business topics are explored and presented in a seminar setting. A seminar on a different topic will be offered each semester and will rotate among the disciplines of accounting, finance, human resource management, management, and marketing. Approximately one-half of the seminar meetings will consist of outside speakers from the business community who have knowledge and expertise in that semester's topic. Seminar participants will be given opportunities to interact and network with these business leaders. Seminar size is limited to 15 students. Please see BLDP website for further information, for past and upcoming seminar topics, and application information:

Prerequisite: Admission to seminar is by application only. Application deadlines are typically late March for fall semester and late October for spring semester.       
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