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  Graduate School–Camden 2013–2015 Academic Policies and Procedures Grades and Records Transcripts and Course/Grade Documentation  

Transcripts and Course/Grade Documentation

Unofficial Grade Reporting

Students may view their grades online by visiting the student self-service section of the Office of the Registrar's website. Graduate students requiring written documentation may obtain a free unofficial transcript of their full academic record or their record for a single semester online at These unofficial transcripts are released in approximately 10 working days to the student's home address. The current semester's grades are available as of the final exam period, upon submission by individual instructors. Semester and cumulative averages are calculated after a semester's faculty grade-reporting deadline has passed.

Official Transcripts

Similarly, official transcripts are prepared by the Office of the Registrar upon receipt of the student's request online at There is no longer a fee. Transcripts are protected by privacy laws and are issued only to third-party individuals or organizations specifically named by the student.

All transcripts issued through the Office of the Registrar include the student's complete academic record to date, including courses, grades, prizes, awards, and honors, but may be ordered to show only courses taken while admitted as an undergraduate; only courses taken while admitted as a graduate student; or the complete undergraduate and graduate record. It is not possible for the registrar's office to issue one-semester-only transcripts.

Requests for transcripts may be made online at

In accordance with university policy, no student or former student may obtain a transcript of record, in part or whole, for any course(s) if he or she is under financial or disciplinary obligation to the university or if his or her immunization requirements have not been cleared by the Office of Student Health Services.

Transcripts requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and may require 10 working days for preparation and release. Academic records are stored and maintained electronically, and both official and unofficial transcripts are printed elsewhere overnight; therefore, the registrar's office is unable to issue copies on demand.

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