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  Graduate School–Camden 2013–2015 Academic Policies and Procedures Grades and Records Other Grade Symbols  

Other Grade Symbols

IN-Incomplete.  Students whose work is incomplete at the end of the semester may be assigned a regular grade or, at the discretion of the instructor if there is reason to believe that an extension of time is warranted, a grade of IN. Incomplete work may be made up, and a change of grade may be authorized by the instructor, within 12 months from the time the incomplete was assigned. Students with two or more incompletes are not permitted to register for additional courses without permission of the graduate director.

In exceptional cases, where more than one year is required, the student, in conjunction with the instructor, must complete the Graduate Incomplete Grade Extension Form, which must be approved by the program director and the dean.

P/NC-Pass/No Credit.  A grade of P/NC, which has no numerical equivalent, is assigned to any student who has registered for a course on that basis when such registration is in accord with the regulations of the faculty governing the student and the faculty governing the course. P (pass) is equivalent to an A, B, or C, while NC (no credit) is equivalent to a D or F.

S/U-Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.  Assigned to 700-level courses of research carrying credit or to regular courses taken on a noncredit basis.

T-Temporary.  Temporary grades are given at the discretion of the instructor when the student has not properly completed the coursework requirements. The grade assigned in conjunction with the T grade becomes the final grade, unless a better grade is reported as a result of the completion of the coursework within the time allowed by the instructor, but no later than the end of the next semester. At present, this designation is used only for students in the School of Social Work.

TZ-Temporarily Not Graded.  TZ grades are assigned in cases when a student never attended, stopped attending and did not withdraw from, or was not graded by his or her instructor in courses taken for credit.

Students are responsible for contacting the registrar to correct registration errors resulting in grades of TZ and, when necessary, instructors to arrange final grades.

TZ grades remaining on records automatically convert to failures, without notification to students, for fall semester courses on May 1 and for the spring and summer semesters on December 1.

W-Withdrawal.  Officially withdrew.

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