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Academic Foundations 003
African-American and African Studies 014
Allied Health Technologies 045
American Studies 050
Ancient and Medieval Civilizations 060
Anthropology 070
Arabic 074
Archaeology 075
Art (Art 080, B.F.A. Visual Arts 081, Art History 082, Arts Management 084)
Major Requirements
Minor Requirements
B.F.A. Visual Arts
Teacher Certification
Courses (Art 080, B.F.A. Visual Arts 081)
Courses (Art History 082)
Courses (Arts Management 084)
Biological Sciences
Central and Eastern European Studies (CEES) 149
Chemistry 160
Clinical Laboratory Sciences 191
Computer Science 198
Criminal Justice 202
Earth and Environmental Sciences (Geology 460)
Economics 220
Urban Education 300
English (350 and 352)
Environmental Sciences 375
French 420
Geoscience Engineering 465
Greek 490
Hebraic Studies 500
History (History 510, American 512)
Honors 525
Human-Computer Interaction 531
International Affairs
Italian 560
Journalism and Media Studies 570
Korean 574
Latin 580
Legal Studies
Linguistics 615
Mathematics (Mathematics 640, Statistics 960)
Medical Technology 660
Music (Music 700, Music Performance 701)
Philosophy 730
Physics 750
Political Science 790
Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies 810
Psychology 830
Puerto Rican Studies 836
Religious Studies 840
Slavic 861
Social Work 910
Sociology 920
Spanish 940
Speech 950
Theater Arts, Television and Media Arts (Theater Arts 965, Speech 950)
Urban Studies 975
Women's Studies 988
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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2006-2008 Liberal Arts Colleges Academic Programs and Courses Art (Art 080, B.F.A. Visual Arts 081, Art History 082, Arts Management 084) Courses (Art 080, B.F.A. Visual Arts 081)  

Courses (Art 080, B.F.A., Visual Arts 081)
21&62:080:102Design Fundamentals (3) Basic studio course to develop visual literacy and skill; basic vocabulary of art and experience in manipulating this vocabulary through actual projects; principles of composition, color theory, and concepts of space; training in use of pencil, pen, paint, and collage techniques. Open to nonmajors. No previous art experience needed.
21&62:080:1033-D Design Fundamentals (3) Basic course to develop an awareness of three-dimensional space through plane, volume, form, light, and rhythm; variety of tools and procedures used to manipulate space; analysis of a problem through materials, processes, and concepts; basic skills involved in structuring space. Open to nonmajors. No previous art experience needed.
21&62:080:121Introduction to Drawing (3) Basic studio course to develop skills in representational drawing; trains students in the perception of real-world form and space and the transfer of that perception into two-dimensional images; experience in drawing still life, land- and cityscape, and the figure; materials include pencil, conte crayon, and other drawing media. Open to nonmajors. No previous art experience needed.
21&62:080:211Ceramics I (3) Covers a wide range of ceramic techniques, including hand- buildingand wheel techniques using clay and glazes; studio experience supplemented by demonstrations and slides. Open to nonmajors.
21&62:080:212Ceramics II (3) Advanced hand-building wheel techniques; skills acquired in the formation of functional vessels and a basic understanding of stoneware clay and glaze techniques. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:211 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:215Crafts I (3) Significant projects in a variety of techniques; emphasis on the aesthetics and processes involved in fiber art-weaving, quilting, pattern design, and others. Open to nonmajors.
21&62:080:216Crafts II (3) Continuation of 21&62:080:215; advanced fiber and weaving techniques; history of crafts as art stressed through visits to museums and galleries. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:215 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:223Figure Drawing (3) Drawing from the figure using a variety of approaches ranging from the analytical and precise to the gestural and expressive; familiarity with the complexities of line, value, and texture, and with the various media approaches gained while drawing from life; materials include pencil, conte crayon, and other drawing media. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:121 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:231Graphic Design I (3) Fundamental design problems emphasizing the use of typography while exploring problem solving in a variety of visual forms, conceptual and analytical approaches, and technical processes. The use of pictographic image-making, symbol design, semantics, visual sequencing, and transformation in developing a visual language. One research paper. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:102, 121, and sophomore standing or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:232Graphic Design II (3) Further practice and exploration of typography and typographic processes. Emphasis on various historical and contemporary typographic models. The use of the grid system to explore verbal and visual relationships, typographic hierarchies, and semiotics in expressive compositions. Introduction of type specification, typesetting, copyfitting, and graphic production procedures from traditional methods to digital technology. One research paper. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:231 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:236Illustration I (3) Basic media and techniques with emphasis placed on conceptual and analytical thinking; projects include using the concept of transformation to develop solutions derived from real-life information; the purpose and history of illustration. One research paper; field trips. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:102, 121.
21&62:080:245Introduction to Computer Art (3) Bridges the historical traditions of art making with aesthetics of computer technology. Painting, drawing, photo-image manipulation, and computer animation using Macintosh computers. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:102, 121.
21&62:080:251Introduction to Painting (3) Studio course introducing the fundamental concepts of painting; various materials and approaches, both abstract and representational, used to deal with form and image. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:102, 121.
21&62:080:252Painting II (3) Studio course using a variety of materials and approaches to explore the ways of painting; work is primarily in modes arising from perceptual experience and emphasizes personal expression. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:251 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:261Introduction to Photography (3) All aspects of black-and-white photography, including creative use of the camera and related darkroom work; the development and history of photographic techniques; demonstration and illustrated lectures and critiques. Open to nonmajors.
21&62:080:262Photography II (3) Black-and-white photography beyond the introductory level. Development of technical control through the use of the zone system. Lectures on historical as well as contemporary issues in photography. Stress on the development of personal vision. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:261 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:264Color Photography (3) Concepts and techniques involved in the use of color in photography; the relationship of color to ideas about reality and artifice; color as a vehicle for controlling the image, using handcoloring, slides, and full-color reproduction printing techniques. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:261 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:273Introduction to Printmaking (3) Studio introduction to printmaking, covering the techniques of screenprint, linocut, woodcut, monoprint, collograph, and digital applications. Emphasis on developing visual vocabulary and effective forms; history and contemporary roles of printmaking. Field trips. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:102, 121.
21&62:080:276Intaglio Printmaking (3) Studio introduction to etching, including various techniques of aquatint, hard and soft grounds, color applications; personal imagery developed while learning how to print and proof a limited edition; history and contemporary roles of printmaking. Field trips. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:102, 121.
21&62:080:281Introduction to Sculpture (3) Basic principles of sculpture introduced through slides, discussions, and projects; experience working in wood, modeling in clay, building armatures, making molds, casting, and direct plaster work; instruction in the use of power tools and safety procedures in the operation of equipment. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:102,103, 121.
21&62:080:283Figure Sculpture (3) Workshop that deals with individual sculptural concerns, and the function and structure of a sculpture studio; materials and processes determined by instructor and student. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:103 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:285Seminar in Contemporary Art I (3) Focuses on the problems of the contemporary artist, architect, designer, filmmaker, and photographer in relation to modernist movements, socioeconomic institutions, and ideologies. Prerequisites: 21&62:082:101,102, and sophomore standing.
21&62:080:286Seminar in Contemporary Art II (3) Focus on the problems of the contemporary artist, architect, designer, filmmaker, and photographer in relation to modernist movements, socioeconomic institutions, and ideologies. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:285.
21&62:080:305Problems in Art (3) Seminar directed toward utilizing the mutual benefits of scholarship and studio creativity through activities such as lectures by visiting artists and scholars. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
21&62:080:311Ceramics III (3) Continued exploration of both wheel and handmade form; emphasis on special structural and design aspects of closed and covered vessels; individual approaches developed. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:212 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:312Ceramics IV (3) Advanced work in clay; aspects of production pottery as well as special firing techniques that combine low- and high-fire glazing. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:311 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:315Crafts III (3) Continuation of weaving and other crafts skills; role of crafts in the contemporary art world through study of museum collections as well as through further development of skills and aesthetics. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:216 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:316Crafts IV (3) Addresses individual problems in crafts; emphasis on quality of design, technique, and originality of ideas. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:315 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:321Drawing III (3) Studio course that continues the development of skills and of perceptual and imaginative responses in creative drawing; drawing from life and from the environment using a variety of drawing materials; emphasis on strong individual development. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:121 or 223 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:322Drawing IV (3) Advanced development of skills, perceptions, and approaches to drawing the figure; investigation includes experimentation, new media, and improvisation. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:121 and 223.
21&62:080:331Graphic Design III (3) Advanced design problems emphasizing visual communication as a basis for experimental work. Further study of various typographic grid systems in single page, multiple page, and dimensional formats to include booklets, folders, posters, cover design, and packaging. Various design strategies and processes are applied in organizing complex verbal and pictorial information. One research paper. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:232 or permission of instructor. Corequisite: 21&62:080:370.
21&62:080:332Graphic Design IV (3) Projects investigate the integration of design into a broad scope of communication formats and printing material and the formulation of a variety of information systems applied to environmental, institutional, and industrial communication problems. Projects include promotional and multidimensional design, public service, visual systems, corporate identity, editorial, and advertising. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:331 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:335Illustration II (3) Projects beyond the introductory level; develop conceptual and analytical solutions to assignments while expressing and expanding upon personal, visual vocabulary; traditional and nontraditional techniques utilized for book and magazine covers, posters, book illustrations, self-promotion, and album covers; history of illustration. One research paper; field trips. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:236 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:336Illustration III (3) Advanced course specializing in book illustration, including the production of a limited edition book. Students choose their own subject matter (copy), illustrate, print, design, and bind their book. Instruction in bookkeeping, letterpress printing, linocut, and wood engraving; history of book illustration. Field trips. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:335 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:345Intermediate Computer Art (3) Course involves advanced digital art projects, including 3-D image creation, computer animation, and human figure manipulation and animation. Emphasis upon the development of personal vision and its expression through advanced digital imaging technology. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:103, 245, or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:351Painting III (3) Further development of painting as a means of visual expression; conceptual approaches to painting; synthesizing visual ideas to form an individual style. Viewing exhibitions at museums and galleries included. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:252 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:352Painting IV (3) Advanced problems in painting while integrating preceding disciplines and experiences with formal, directed approaches; emphasis on individual development and excellence of execution. Viewing exhibitions at museums and galleries included. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:351 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:354Experiments in Computer Art (3) Covers 2-D/3-D imaging formats within multiple platforms. Emphasis upon multimedia digital applications, including image, text, sound, motion graphics, and time-based media. Planning and initiating of digital projects for various uses, including Internet delivery and the web. Examines history, theory, and understanding of digital media; concepts of interactivity and digital cultures. Open only to majors. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:245, 345, or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:355Painting and Drawing Workshop (3) Studio course using wet and dry media. Introduction to the watercolor medium, collage techniques, and mixed media methods. These processes, as well as traditional oil painting and drawing techniques, are used to explore themes and concepts in the work. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:223, 252, or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:361Studio Photography (3) Concepts and processes involved in photography as manipulated in a studio setting; traditional and innovative approaches to artificial lighting, still life, and portraiture; experience with view camera and advanced light metering techniques. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:261 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:362Photography Workshop (3) Advanced work in all areas of photography based on projects designed to fit individual needs; emphasis on development of aesthetic and critical dimensions in photography. Students carry out ideas and techniques independently. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:261 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:370Computers in Graphic Design (3) Advanced typographic workshop using Macintosh computers. Stresses design and typographic principles while exploring the language of signs in compositional exercises. Typesetting, image-making, scanning software, electronic page makeup, prepress, and printing production procedures. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:232 or permission of instructor. Corequisite: 21&62:080:331.
21&62:080:373Advanced Printmaking (3) Advanced studio in printmaking; emphasis on exploration of previously learned printmaking techniques to develop personal imagery. Proof and print a minimum of five prints; research paper on the history of printmaking; field trips. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:273 or 276.
21&62:080:378Printmaking Book Arts Workshop (3) Studio course in book arts. Emphasis upon traditional bookbinding, as well as innovative forms and printing techniques. Printmaking techniques including letterpress are explored within the context of book arts. Research on book design, artists' books. Field trips. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
21&62:080:391,392Individual Study in Studio (3,3) Special problems in original creative work. Independent studio work in any of the disciplines offered. Prerequisites: Permission of department chairperson and instructor.
21&62:080:393,394Internship in Art (3,3) Opportunity to explore career experience in art and design; limited to students with highly developed skills. Placements, designed to ensure maximum benefit to the student, may be in graphic design studios, as apprentices to artists, or in arts management positions. Under department supervision. Prerequisite: Permission of department chairperson or adviser.
21&62:080:399Seminar in Contemporary Design (3) Focus on contemporary topics and issues in design theory, history, criticism, and practice. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:232; 21&62:082:101,102, 202.
21&62:080:405Problems in Contemporary Art (3) Examination of significant ideas and problems in contemporary painting, sculpture, and multimedia; emphasis on the current scene. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
21&62:080:445Advanced Experiments in Computer Art (3) Continuation of experiments in computer art; covers advanced work in integrating multimedia digital applications including animation, audio/video, and time-based media. Covers HTML and web design. Emphasis on the aesthetic and critical understanding of digital technology. Students initiate and complete a final project. Open only to majors. Prerequisites: 21&62:080:245, 354, or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:483Advanced Sculpture Workshop (3) Continues the development of individual expression in sculpture; production of a body of aesthetically consistent work by each student. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisite: 21&62:080:283 or permission of instructor.
21&62:080:497Senior Studio Seminar I (3) Focuses on advanced studio work and the completion of a portfolio in area of graphic design specialization. Conducted under the direction of individual advisers. Open only to majors. Prerequisite: Completed course work in area of specialization.
21&62:080:498Senior Studio Seminar II (3) Under the supervision of advisers, students produce, for an exhibition, a body of work in their individual areas of specialization. One research paper and slide documentation of work required. Open only to majors.
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