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Academic Foundations 003
African-American and African Studies 014
Allied Health Technologies 045
American Studies 050
Ancient and Medieval Civilizations 060
Anthropology 070
Arabic 074
Archaeology 075
Art (Art 080, B.F.A. Visual Arts 081, Art History 082, Arts Management 084)
Biological Sciences
Central and Eastern European Studies (CEES) 149
Chemistry 160
Clinical Laboratory Sciences 191
Computer Science 198
Criminal Justice 202
Earth and Environmental Sciences (Geology 460)
Economics 220
Urban Education 300
English (350 and 352)
Environmental Sciences 375
French 420
Geoscience Engineering 465
Greek 490
Hebraic Studies 500
History (History 510, American 512)
Honors 525
Human-Computer Interaction 531
International Affairs
Italian 560
Journalism and Media Studies 570
Korean 574
Latin 580
Legal Studies
Linguistics 615
Mathematics (Mathematics 640, Statistics 960)
Medical Technology 660
Music (Music 700, Music Performance 701)
Philosophy 730
Physics 750
Political Science 790
Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies 810
Psychology 830
Puerto Rican Studies 836
Religious Studies 840
Slavic 861
Social Work 910
Sociology 920
Spanish 940
Speech 950
Theater Arts, Television and Media Arts (Theater Arts 965, Speech 950)
Urban Studies 975
Women's Studies 988
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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2006-2008 Liberal Arts Colleges Academic Programs and Courses Allied Health Technologies 045  

Allied Health Technologies 045

Coordinator:Douglas W. Morrison, 973/353-1268

The major is offered at NCAS. A major in allied health technologies (AHT) leading to the bachelor of science degree is offered jointly with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-School of Health Related Professions in Newark (UMDNJ-SHRP) and the Department of Biological Sciences at Rutgers-Newark. Graduates become members of health care teams contributing to the diagnosis and treatment of disease in a variety of health care, industrial, governmental, and educational settings.

AHT majors take three years of course work at Rutgers-Newark and must apply to the senior clinical year at UMDNJ-SHRP beginning the fall term of their junior year through a separate admissions process. Admission requirements for the senior clinical year include a cumulative grade-point average of 2.75 and grades of C or better in all prerequisite core science courses taken at Rutgers-Newark. Students may specialize in diagnostic medical sonography, vascular technology, nuclear medicine technology, or respiratory care. For more information about the joint program, contact Michael Teters, M.S.,at UMDNJ,908/889-2449,, or the undergraduate coordinator at Rutgers-Newark.

Course requirements to be taken at NCAS and at UMDNJ-SHRP for the four options are as follows:

Core Rutgers-NCAS courses required of all AHT majors (59-60 credits)

21:120:101-102 General Biology (4,4)

21:120:301 Foundations of Biology: Cell and Molecular Biology (4)

21:120:320 Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates (4)

21:120:340 Mammalian Physiology (4)

21:120:352 Genetics (3)

21:160:113-114 General Chemistry Laboratory (1,1)

21:160:115-116 General Chemistry (4,4)

21:160:331 Organic Chemistry Laboratory (2)

21:160:335-336 Organic Chemistry (4,4)

21:640:114 or 135 Precalculus (3) or Calculus I (4)

21:750:203,204 General Physics (4,4)

21:750:205,206 Introductory Physics Laboratory (1,1)

21:960:211 Statistics (3)

Year 4 (Professional courses at UMDNJ-School of Health Related Professions)

1. Interdisciplinary Core (4 credits)

Summer, Fall, or Spring
IDST2210 Computer Applications in Health Care (1)

IDST3510 Principles of Scientific Inquiry (3)

2. Specialization

A. Diagnostic Medical Sonography (42 credits)

Summer I

HSTC4100 Advanced Patient Care (3)

HSTC4151 Cross-Sectional Abdominal Ultrasound (2)

DXMS4171 Gynecology Ultrasound (2)


DXMS4111 Acoustic Physics I (2)

DXMS4131 Abdominal Ultrasound I (2)

DXMS4161 Obstetrical Ultrasound I (2)

DXMS4172 Gynecology Ultrasound II (2)

DXMS4199 Clinical Practice I (4)


DXMS4212 Acoustic Physics II (2)

DXMS4232 Abdominal Ultrasound II (2)

DXMS4240 Neurosonography (2)

DXMS4262 Obstetrical Ultrasound II (2)

DXMS4299 Clinical Practice II (4)

Summer II

DXMS4350 Critique and Clinical Correlation (2)

HSTC4360 Introduction to Echocardiography (1)

HSTC4370 Introduction to Noninvasive Vascular Testing (2)

DXMS4399 Clinical Practice III (6)

B. Vascular Technology (43 credits)


HSTC4370 Introduction to Noninvasive Vascular Testing (2)

HSTC4100 Advanced Patient Care (3)

VSTC4300 Vascular Laboratory Practices (2)

VSTC4381 Introduction to Vascular Physics and Instrumentation (1)


DXMS4111 Acoustic Physics I (2)

VSTC4111 Vascular Physiology, and Pathophysiology (3)

VSTC4121 Noninvasive Diagnosis of Vascular Disease I (2)

VSTC4131 Clinical Correlation I (1)

VSTC4141 Clinical Practice I (4)


DXMS4212 Acoustic Physics II (2)

VSTC4212 Vascular Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology II (2)

VSTC4222 Noninvasive Diagnosis of Vascular Disease II (2)

VSTC4232 Clinical Correlation II (1)

VSTC4242 Clinical Practice II (4)

Summer II

HSTC4360 Introduction to Echocardiography (1)

HSTC4151 Cross-Sectional Abdominal Ultrasound (2)

VSTC4382 Vascular Physics and Instrumentation (1)

VSTC4333 Clinical Applications in Vascular Technology (2)

VSTC4343 Clinical Practice III (3)

C. Nuclear Medicine Technology (44 credits)

Fall I

HSTC4100 Advanced Patient Care (3)

NUCM4111 Nuclear Physics I (2)

NUCM4141 Clinical Applications I (3)

NUCM4299 Clinical Practice I (5)


NUCM4121 Instrumentation I (2)

NUCM4212 Nuclear Physics II (2)

NUCM4242 Clinical Applications II (3)

NUCM4399 Clinical Practice II (5)


IDST2210 Computer Applications in Health Care (1)

NUCM4343 Clinical Applications III (2)

NUCM4499 Clinical Practice III (6)

NUCM4222 Instrumentation II (2)

NUCM4211 Radiopharmacy and Chemistry (3)

Fall II

NUCM4499 Clinical Practice IV (6)

NUCM4351 Clinical Correlations (2)

D. Respiratory Care (35 credits)


RSTN2100 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care (4)

RSTN2231 Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology I (2)

RSTN2189 Clinical Practice I (1)


RSTN2232 Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology II (2)

RSTN2250 Principles of Ventilatory Support (4)

RSTN2220 Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology (2)

RSTN2230 Cardiopulmonary Evaluation (2)

RSTN2289 Clinical Practice II (2)


RSTN2355 Pediatric/Neonatal Respiratory Care (3)

RSTN2340 Patient Management in Critical Care (3)

RSTN2389 Clinical Practice III (3)

RSTN4510 Long-Term, Home, and Rehabilitative Care (3)

RSTN4990 Independent Study in Respiratory Care (3)

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