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  School of Social Work 2005-2007 Mission of the School  

Mission of the School

The values of the profession-the worth of the individual and the importance of the fullest development of the individual`s potential-shape the School of Social Work`s educational and scholarly efforts. The mission of the school is shaped by values of the profession of social work, the state of development of the profession`s knowledge and skill base, and the special roles and responsibilities of a state university with its commitments to excellence in teaching, research, and public service. The school`s mission is further influenced by considerations of demographic trends that New Jersey, the nation, and the social work profession must address in the 21st century.

The school`s mission is to serve New Jersey`s citizens through the preparation of practitioners for social work careers; through public service of the faculty and students; and through knowledge development and dissemination aimed at understanding, preventing, and ameliorating existing and emergent social problems. Special attention is given to the development of educational programs and community partnerships that respect and enhance the rich diversity of the population of New Jersey. This includes concern about the poor, the oppressed, those vulnerable to discrimination or injustice, and other at-risk populations.

This mission is clearly congruent with that of the university. As a unit, the school is uniquely equipped to contribute to the university`s goal of enhancing diversity among students and faculty, as well as among other members of the university. The school`s long-standing commitment to advocating for equity and justice places it in a distinctive position in this regard. The school is further expert in conducting research on policy in the human services and working with state and local governments to help improve the quality of citizens` lives in New Jersey, the nation, and the world. As the premier graduate school of social work in the state, its special responsibility for the education of professionals prepared to serve the social welfare needs of all of the people of New Jersey is well heeded by the faculty. This means developing educational and scholarly programs that respond to the rich diversity of the population characteristics of New Jersey. The School of Social Work is committed to addressing the development, expansion, and improvement of social service and social welfare programs through educational, research, and scholarly efforts. The faculty is also committed to contributing service to the state and the wider society as citizens, as experts, and as consultants, based on their substantive knowledge and expertise in the social welfare domain.

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