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  School of Public Affairs and Administration 2009-2011 Degree Programs M.P.A. Program Specialization Areas for the M.P.A.  

Specialization Areas for the M.P.A.

Four 3-credit courses (12 credits) in a specialization area complete the 42-credit curriculum. Specialization courses may be taken throughout a student's program. Specialization areas with their respective courses are listed below. With the approval of the M.P.A. director, students also may take specialization courses in other departments to fit their individual educational and career goals.

Courses for Any of the Specializations
20:834:503 Topics in Public Administration (3)
20:834:504 Topics in Public Administration (3)
20:834:590 Internship I (3)
20:834:591 Internship II(3)
(Students may take up to 6 credits of internship as specialization courses.)

Administration and Management of Public Organizations (Select 4)

20:834:505 Intergovernmental Relations and Management (3)
20:834:507 Leadership and Diversity (3)
20:834:514 Administrative Transparency (3)
20:834:524 Strategic Planning (3)
20:834:525 Management Techniques (3)
20:834:528 Information Systems and Public Administration (3)
20:834:542 Government Budgeting Systems (3)

Budgeting and Financial Management (Select 4)
20:834:514 Administrative Transparency (3)
20:834:542 Government Budgeting Systems (3)
20:834:545 Capital Budgeting (3)
20:834:568 Government Revenue Systems (3)

Nonprofit Management

20:834:514 Administrative Transparency (3)
20:834:570 Theory and Practice of Nonprofit Management (3)
20:834:571 Nonprofit Budgeting (3)
20:834:575 Grant Writing and Grants Management (3)
20:834:576 Resource Development for Nonprofit Organizations (3)
20:834:578 Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations(3)

Performance Improvement

20:834:514 Administrative Transparency (3)
20:834:526 Public and Nonprofit Productivity (3)
20:834:529 Performance Measurement (3)
20:834:537 Citizen-Driven Performance Improvement (3)
20:834:539 Egovernance (3)
20:834:540 Citizen Surveys (3)

Public Health Administration (Consult adviser)
20:834:503 Topics: Health Services Research (3)
20:834:507 Topics: Law and Public Health(3)
20:834:581 Introduction to Health Care Systems (3)
20:834:582 Health Care Management (3)
20:834:584 Health Care Finance (3)
20:834:585 Health Care Policy (3)
20:834:586 Violence in the United States (3)

Urban Educational Administration and Leadership (*All required beginning September 2008 due to N.J. Department of Education regulatory changes.)
20:834:523 Human Resources Administration (3)*
20:834:553 Urban Education Policy and SchoolPerformance (3)*
20:834:556Urban School Administration and Supervision (3)*
20:834:557 Urban School Leadership and Communication (3)*
20:834:558 Leadership in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment(3)*
20:834:559 Public School Finance (3)*
20:834:560 Public Education Law (3)*
20:834:561 Analytical Methods (3)*
20:834:590 Internship I (3)*
20:834:591 Internship II (3)*

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