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  School of Public Affairs and Administration 2009-2011 Course Listing Executive M.P.A. Courses  

Executive M.P.A. Courses
20:831:501 Introduction to Public Administration (3) Concepts and methods for analyzing significant factors and relationships in governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations as they function in their environments. Students identify and diagnose the principal types of problems encountered at levels of high administrative responsibility in government and the nonprofit sector.
20:831:507 Leadership and Diversity (3) Leadership versus management; leadership qualities and characteristics; leadership skills, such as conflict management and team building; leadership tasks, including vision, agenda setting, and mobilizing resources; leadership in organizational and political settings; role of followership; and impact of diversity upon leaders and leadership.
20:831:514 Administrative Transparency (3) This seminar will address historical and current issues surrounding the concepts, theories, and practices of governmental transparency and how open government relates to ethics in public administration. Topics covered include open meetings, freedom of information laws, government publicity, whistle-blowing, and illegally leaked information. Throughout the semester, we will discuss how transparency is at times in tension with personal privacy, national security, and government efficiency. How transparency relates to corruption and the different definitions of transparency in a transnational context are also addressed.
20:831:523 Human Resources Administration (3) Human resource administration in public and nonprofit settings, including human resource planning, staffing, development, and compensation. Behavioral and environmental determinants are examined, including production technology, market factors, service delivery, and government regulations.
20:831:524 Strategic Planning (3) Strategic planning and management in the public and nonprofit sectors, including methods that facilitate achieving organizational goals in a changing environment. Attention paid to forecasting, goaland objective setting, strategy building, and resource mobilization.
20:831:529 Performance Measurement (3) Assessment of organizational performance, with particular attention to concepts of efficiency, effectiveness, outputs, and outcomes. Examines evaluation design, data collection procedures, data analysis, and citizen involvement.
20:831:541 Political Economy and Public Administration (3) Explores basic economic concepts and applies them to relevant public administration issues. Looks at microeconomic and macroeconomic problems as they impact the public and nonprofit sectors.
20:831:543 Public Financial Management (3) Surveys all major activities that concern the allocation, investment, and control of public funds. Activities include financial analysis, cash and pension fund investing, accounting, auditing, and financial reporting. Touches upon questions of budgeting and revenues in the context of fiscal policymaking.
20:831:561 Analytical Methods (3) Quantitative methods in the analysis of planning and management problems. Includes descriptive statistics, statistical distributions, probability, hypothesis development, significance testing, correlation, contingency table analysis, and regression.
20:831:563 Capstone Paper (3)
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