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  School of Management and Labor Relations 2008-2010 Faculty  


David Finegold, D.Phil., Oxford; Dean
Education and training; talent strategies; corporate governance; bioscience industry and ethics

John R. Aiello, Ph.D., Michigan State

Robert C. Angelo, Ed.D., Rutgers
Educational policy

Eileen Appelbaum, Ph.D., Pennsylvania

Richard W. Beatty, Ph.D., Washington
Organizational behavior

David Bensman, Ph.D., Columbia

Joseph R. Blasi, Ed.D., Harvard
Sociology of organizations

Paula Caligiuri, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State
Industrial/organizational psychology

Cary Cherniss, Ph.D., Yale

Dorothy Sue Cobble, Ph.D., Stanford

Niki T. Dickerson, Ph.D., Michigan

Steven M. Director, Ph.D., Northwestern; Associate Dean

Adrienne Eaton, Ph.D., Wisconsin; Chair, Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations
Industrial relations

Charles H. Fay, Ph.D., Washington
Management and organizational behavior

David A. Ferio, A.B.D., Stevens Institute of Technology; Director, Master of Human Resource Management Program

Janice Fine, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
American politics; public policy; political economy

Stanley M. Gully, Ph.D., Michigan State
Industrial/organizational psychology

Charles Heckscher, Ph.D., Harvard

Mark A. Huselid, Ph.D., SUNY (Buffalo)
Human resource management

Susan E. Jackson, Ph.D., California (Berkeley)
Organizational and social psychology

Jeffrey H. Keefe, Ph.D., Cornell
Industrial and labor relations

Mark R. Killingsworth, D.Phil., Oxford
Labor and human resources; discrimination

Douglas Kruse, Ph.D., Harvard; Director, Ph.D. Program in Industrial Relations and Human Resources

Barbara A. Lee, Ph.D., Ohio State; J.D., Georgetown
Higher education administration

David Lepak, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State; Chair, Department of Human Resource Management
Human resource management

Patrick F. McKay, Ph.D., Akron
Industrial/organizational psychology

Claudia G. Meer, Ed.D., Rutgers
Adult education

Jean M. Phillips, Ph.D., Michigan State
Business management and organizational behavior

William Rodgers III, Ph.D., Harvard

Saul Rubinstein, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.B.A., Ed.M., Harvard
Industrial relations and management

Randall S. Schuler, Ph.D., Michigan State
Organizational strategy and human resource management

Donna L. Schulman, M.S., Columbia; M.S., CUNY; Director, James Carey Library
Library and information science

Lisa Schur, Ph.D., California (Berkeley); J.D., Northeastern
Labor law and employment law; work; and disability

Susan J. Schurman, Ph.D., Michigan
Higher, adult, and continuing education

Carl Edward Van Horn, Ph.D., Ohio State

Paula B. Voos, Ph.D., Harvard; Director, Master of Labor and Employment Relations; Director, Undergraduate Major in Labor Studies and Employment Relations

John D. Worrall, Ph.D., Rutgers; Professor of Economics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Camden

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