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  School of Criminal Justice 2021-2023 Academic Policies and Procedures Student Responsibility to Keep Informed  

Student Responsibility to Keep Informed

This catalog contains a compendium of the rules governing graduate work at the university. Students should refer to the online catalog often and become familiar with its contents. In addition, the Schedule of Classes and registration material posted in appropriate areas within the School of Criminal Justice and distributed each semester provide essential information. Students are responsible for keeping themselves informed of current policies, procedures, and changes announced in these publications and in official notices that are announced or posted. All regulations, academic and otherwise, established by the faculty and the administration of the Graduate School-Newark and the Board of Governors of the university are subject to amendment at any time.

Students enrolled in the School of Criminal Justice master's and doctoral programs should refer to the appropriate program document, available through the Office of Academic and Student Services, for a detailed discussion of the most current academic policies and procedures. Students are provided with a copy of their appropriate program document prior to their initial enrollment, and are expected to keep it as a reference handbook and to familiarize themselves with the principal rules and regulations contained in it. Students should refer to it regularly to assist them in successfully completing their respective programs.

Any significant changes made after the publication of this catalog will be circulated to registered students. Questions related to academic policies and procedures should be addressed to the Office of Academic and Student Services, School of Criminal Justice. Questions related to general graduate student rules for doctoral students under the jurisdiction of the Graduate School-Newark also may be directed to the Office of the Dean, 185 University Avenue, Dana Library, Suite 306, Newark, NJ 07102.

For additional information, contact RU-info at 848-445-info (4636) or
Comments and corrections to: One Stop Student Services Center.

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