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  School of Criminal Justice 2021-2023 Doctoral Program Transfer of Credit  

Transfer of Credit
The School of Criminal Justice will allow up to 40% of SCJ required course credits (15 credits) from appropriate Master of Arts or Master of Science degree programs. These can include transfers that replace required courses in the program, but with particularly close evaluation for continuity of content. Courses may be considered for transfer credit after completing at least 12 credits with grades of (B) or better in the School of Criminal Justice and with the following stipulations:
  • The student must have earned a B or better in the course being transferred, and neither Pass nor Satisfactory is acceptable.
  • The course may not include work for a thesis, independent study, or research.
  • Courses must normally form a part of the student┐s program in his or her field of concentration.
  • Courses must normally have been taken during the six-year period prior to the comprehensive examination.
Ph.D. students are not allowed to transfer more than 40 percent of the required minimum number of course credits. Research and independent study credits are not eligible for transfer.

The responsibility for requesting transfer credit lies with the student. In applying for the transfer of credit, a student must obtain an official transcript of the grades to be transferred, a copy of the course syllabus or a detailed course description, and complete an Application for Transfer of Credit form that is available online at the Graduate School-Newark website; Once completed, the form, syllabi, and official transcript should be submitted to the Ph.D. Program Director for approval. The Ph.D. Program Director then submits both documents to the Dean of the Graduate School-Newark for review and final authorization. When the transfer is approved, the registrar's office will record the transfer of credits on the student's transcript. Students completing a master's degree in criminal justice/criminology at another university must meet with the Ph.D. Program Director to review their transcripts. This will ensure there is not course duplication at Rutgers.
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