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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2024 School of Criminal Justice Undergraduate Minor in Criminal Justice  

Undergraduate Minor in Criminal Justice

(18 credits total requirement)

Required Courses:
102 and 103 plus any four courses offered

  202:102  Criminology
  202:103  Introduction to Criminal Justice

plus any four criminal justice (CJ) elective courses offered (Note: Q courses are writing intensive.):

It is required that CJ minors complete 102 and 103 before taking other CJ courses.

  202:104  Cutting Edge of Criminology
  202:203  Police and Society
  202:204  Corrections
  202:220  Reducing Local Crime
  202:221  Case Processing, the Law, and the Courts
  202:222  Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice
  202:223  Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
  202:224  Community Corrections
  202:225  Ethical and Philosophical Foundations
  202:312  Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
  202:313  Gender, Crime, and Justice
  202:323  Cybercrime
  202:324  Violent Crime
  202:333  Race, Crime, and Justice
  202:342Q  Contemporary Policing
  202:343Q  White-Collar Crime
  202:344Q  Crime in Different Cultures
  202:402  Contemporary Problems in Policing
  202:410  Environmental Crime
  201:411  Juvenile Gangs and Co-Offending
  202:412  Organized Crime
  202:420  Drug Policy
  202:421  Crime Mapping
  202:422  Youth Violence
  202:423  Crime Over the Life Span
  202:424  Mass Incarceration
  202:425  Miscarriages of Justice
  202:466  Topics in Criminal Justice: topics vary each semester
  202:499  Internship
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