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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022 Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-Newark Rutgers Business School Academic Policies and Procedures Adding/Dropping Courses  

Adding/Dropping Courses

Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-Newark students may add courses through the add/drop period on the Rutgers Web Registration System.

Dates for add/drop are listed on the Rutgers-Newark registrar's website. Students can add and drop classes throughout the add/drop period without penalty. After the add/drop period, a student may drop a course on the Rutgers Web Registration System or contact their adviser for assistance in dropping the course. For each class dropped after the add/drop period, the university charges tuition for the course, and the course appears on the record.

Students cannot withdraw from a class after the ninth week of the semester. A student who stops attending a course(s) and fails to properly withdraw from a course(s), or from the institution, will receive a failing grade in that course. No refund is granted for a course dropped after the add/drop period.
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