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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2020 School of Public Affairs and Administration School of Public Affairs and Administration Academic Policies and Procedures Grading and Academic Records  

Grading and Academic Records

Grades represent the quality of the student's performance, measured against standards of knowledge, skill, and understanding, as evaluated by the instructor. The School of Public Affairs and Administration employs the grading system that is currently in force within the university. The faculty has approved the use of the following grade conversions:

       A = 89.5-100
       B+ = 84.5-89.49
       B = 79.5-84.49
       C+ = 74.5-79.49
       C = 69.5-74.49
       D = 59.5-69.49
       F = 0-59.49
       W = Withdrawal 

W is assigned in the following cases:
  • When a student officially drops a course between the end of the change-of-registration period and the end of approximately the 10th week of instruction; or
  • When a student withdraws from the school prior to the end of the 10th week, if he or she submits a properly completed withdrawal form, obtained from the assistant dean for undergraduate programs.

Additionally, the following grades may also be applied at the instructor's discretion:

T - (Temporary) Grades of TB+, TB, TC+, TC, TD, and TF are used for all temporary grades.

X - (Examination Not Taken) - Assigned only when the instructor believes a student might have passed the course, had the final examination had been taken. TX may also be used if the instructor and student have agreed on a make-up exam.

IN - (Incomplete) grade, for Rutgers University-Newark undergraduate courses offered by NCAS, RBS, SCJ, and SPAA converts to a F grade if not resolved by the end of two semesters.

RD, RF - Reexamination permitted.

TZ - The grade of TZ should only be assigned when a student cannot complete coursework due to a certifiable emergency. Grade will convert to a F grade within the end of the following semester.

P or NC - (Pass/No Credit) If a student had registered the course and indicated upon registration that the course is taken as a Pass/No Credit course in accordance with the the policy governing this grade option, the following grades are used.

PA grade is be applied if the student passed the course (equivalent to grades A, B+, B, C+, C, and C).

NC grade is applied if the student failed the course (equivalent to grades D and F).

TNC - (Temporary No Credit) For a student registered under the above option the instructor may assign the grade of TNC if the student has not completed the course requirements due to extenuating circumstances and an agreement between instructor and student has been made allowing the delayed completion of the course requirements.

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