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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2020 Academic Foundations Center  

Academic Foundations Center

Academic Foundations Center
Bradley Hall, First Floor



Deborah Walker-McCall, M.B.A., Associate Dean of Academic Affairs; Director of Academic Foundations Center/Educational Opportunity Fund

Rose Bailey-Byers, M.A., Assistant Dean of Academic Counseling Services

Suja Patel, M.S.W., Assistant Dean of Assessment and Administration

Sheronia Rogers, M.S., Assistant Dean of Operations and Engagement

Michael Billich, B.S., Unit Computing Specialist

Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program

Darlene Brown, M.P.A., EOF Senior Counselor, Special Programs

Carl Milton, M.S., EOF Senior Counselor, Special Programs

Zabrina Songui, M.A., EOF Senior Counselor, Special Programs

Brian Taylor, B.A., EOF Senior Counselor, Special Programs

Davendra Beni, B.S., Program and Academic Coordinator

Student Support Services (SSS) Program

Brenda Lopez, M.Ed., Director of Student Support Services

Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program

Rex Nobles, M.S.Ed., Director of McNair Scholars

Administrative Support

Marsha Dickson, A.A., Head Bookkeeper

Ineishah Thomas, Secretary to the Associate Dean

For more information regarding our precollege programs, please call 973-353-3574.

Courses offered by the Academic Foundations Center are open to students in the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program. First-year EOF students are required to complete both Strategies for Academic Success courses (21:003:101-102). EOF students who enroll in Intermediate Algebra (21:640:104-105) or College Algebra (21:640:107-109) may be required to enroll in a supplemental support course.


21:003:060  College Algebra Support (N1.5)
Supplemental support course for the college algebra series. Under the guidance of an instructor, students develop insight and facility in functions, operations of functions, operations on polynomials, fractions, solution of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, graphing of linear and quadratic functions, solution of word problems, elementary probability, and statistics. In addition, the syllabus for the course being supported is followed to supplement material covered in lecture.
Corequisites: 21:640:105 or 21:640:107-109. Open to EOF students only.

21:003:101,102  Strategies for Academic Success (1.5,1.5)
Focuses on the development of critical thinking. Under the guidance of EOF instructors, students use and evaluate frameworks and develop a set of critical attitudes and reasoning skills. The course assists students in thinking about and articulating thoughtful positions concerning contemporary issues, classroom discussions, and social situations. There is also a civic engagement component to the course.
Open to EOF students only.

21:003:147  Topics in Academic Success (3)
Support course that focuses on English, math, science, and study skills. Under the guidance of EOF instructors, students develop and improve upon reading, writing, math, and science skills. The course goal is to ease the transition from high school to college by developing the critical skills necessary to achieve academic success.
Open to EOF students only; first year only.

See also Academic Foundations 003 in the Academic Programs and Courses chapter of this catalog.

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