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  The School of Law - Newark 2004-2006 The Law Program Part-Time (Evening) Program  

Part-Time (Evening) Programs

In order to provide opportunities for legal education for those who are unable to attend day school because of family or business circumstances, the law school offers a part-time evening program that permits students to earn a Juris Doctor degree in the evening over a period of four or four and one-half years.

Meeting usually four nights a week during the first two years, the students in the evening program take essentially the same required core curriculum as the daytime program.This required portion of the evening program has been modified slightly to balance carefully the need for a solid legal foundation with the student`s daytime activity, and attempts to permit adequate time for class preparation to enhance the educational result for each individual student.

The curriculum for the third and fourth years of the evening program is composed of elective courses and seminars, including both those traditional fundamental law courses useful for bar examinations and specialty offerings that enrich the student`s legal education. Full-time students are permitted to enroll in evening electives if space permits; part-time students must take the required curriculum in the evening during the first four terms. Beginning with term four, part-time students may also take electives during the day if their schedule permits.

Full-time members of the faculty teach most required evening courses and many of the electives. Evening summer classes are available and are necessary for those students who wish to complete their program in four years. Summer courses also are open to full-time students and some students from other accredited law schools. In order to assist part-time students in planning their elective program, a tentativeschedule of core curriculum courses to be offered over the succeeding two-year period is published with registration materials.

Criteria for admission to the evening program are the same as for applicants to the daytime program.

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