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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2011–2013 Mason Gross School of the Arts Course Listing Dance 203  

Dance 203
07:203:101 Dance Appreciation (3) Designed for nonmajors. Introduction to a broad spectrum of dance events through performances in New York City, throughout New Jersey, on campus, and on film and video. Discussion with guest artists. Field trip: $100 (no textbook fee). This is not required for 203 major. It is offered for general education nonmajors and does not count for credit for the 203 and 206 dance majors. Please note: Students may not receive credit for both 07:203:101 and 103.
07:203:102 The History of Broadway Dance (3) This course explores the evolution of dance in musical theater and on Broadway. Course topics will include a historical survey of dance on Broadway; an examination of the reciprocal relationship of Broadway dance to economic and cultural change; and a close look at the power structure and organization of Broadway musicals. The evolution of Broadway dance steps and styles and the contribution of notable dancers will be examined.
07:203:103 Dance Appreciation Online: The Art of Movement (3) Designed for nonmajors, this course is an introduction to dance as an art form, including the study of the historical, cultural, social, and performative contexts of diverse dance forms. Students will develop an appreciation of dance as a form of communication and personal expression and understand how dance reflects and comments upon contemporary society. Please note: Students may not receive credit for both 07:203:103 and 101.
07:203:115 Introduction to Dance Studies (3) Introduction to the domain of dance practice, within a humanities context. Students observe and describe dance as a performing art and as cultural intervention. Guest artists provide performance demonstrations on a variety of topics. Descriptive and analytic writing required. Open only to dance majors.
07:203:123 Modern Dance I (2) Introduction to the fundamentals of movement skills and body awareness in modern dance technique, improvisation, and composition. Field trip: approximately $25.
07:203:124 Modern Dance II (2) Continued development of movement skills, improvisation, and composition in modern dance. Field trip: approximately $25. Prerequisite: 07:203:123 or permission of instructor.  Dance majors and minors may repeat once for credit.
07:203:149 Ballet I (2) Introduction to ballet as an art form with an emphasis on traditional steps. Field trip: approximately $25.
07:203:150 Ballet II (2) Practice in the development of ballet technical skill, body alignment, and concepts of ballet aesthetics. Field trip: approximately $25. Prerequisite: 07:203:149 or permission of instructor. Dance majors and minors may repeat this course once for credit.
07:203:225 Modern Dance III (2) Practice in intermediate-level skills in modern dance technique. Prerequisite: Open only to dance majors and dance minors. Permission of instructor.  Dance majors and minors may repeat for credit.
07:203:226 Modern Dance IV (2) Continued development of intermediate-level skills in modern dance technique. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Open only to dance majors and dance minors. Dance majors and minors may repeat for credit.
07:203:248 Ballet III (2) Development of intermediate-level skills in ballet. Field trip: approximately $25. Prerequisite: 07:203:150 or permission of instructor. Open only to dance majors and dance minors. May be repeated for credit.
07:203:250 Dance in Instanbul: Whirling, Belly Dancing, and Revolving Around East and West (3) The course will provide an overview about dance in Istanbul from the 16th century to the present including the implications of modernity, gender, state, and religion on dance forms, with a brief summary of debates regarding the dancing body in Turkish Islamic culture. Belly dance will be explored using different points of view within the contexts of Orientalism, feminism, and exoticism. Dances in religious rituals and sacred ceremonies of the present day will be examined through text and video.
07:203:329 Dance Composition (2) Development of fundamental skills in choreography. Prerequisite: 07:206:142. Open only to B.A. dance majors and dance minors.
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