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  The Graduate School of Education 2014–2016 Courses Graduate GSE Courses (15) Early Childhood/Elementary Education (251)  

Early Childhood/Elementary Education (251)

Graduate Courses (Early Childhood/Elementary Education 251)

15:251:570 Advanced Pedagogical Techniques for the Elementary Classroom (3) Implications of recent research on teaching for classroom practice; emphasis on ways the research can help inform teachers' decisions about classroom organization, management, and instruction. Topics include classroom design; allocated, instructional, and engaged time; grouping; seatwork; motivation; teacher expectations; cooperative learning; and inclusion. Required field experience in a school.
15:251:572 Curriculum Development in the Elementary School (3) Principles governing the construction of a curriculum for a modern elementary school and the practices followed in making and using such a curriculum.
15:251:574 Integrated Curriculum for Young Children (3) Over the course of the semester, students will learn how early childhood teachers use children's experiences, interests, and ways of learning (e.g., play) to plan responsive curricula that also teaches specific content and helps children to learn how to learn in more formal contexts. To understand how teachers of young children integrate subject matter in a student-centered environment, this class will focus on methods of inquiry and sources of knowledge that can be used with young children.
15:251:575 Learning and Teaching in the Middle School (3) Addresses instructional strategies, curricula, and learning environments appropriate for the middle school child (grades 6-8). Taught in discipline-specific course sections (English, math, science, and social studies). Prerequisite: Admission to the program and satisfactory completion of first year (senior year).
15:251:577 Historical and Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Education (3) Conceptual foundations for contemporary practice in early childhood programs, including day care, preschool, and early primary years. Psychological theory and research undergirding various models of developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood; strengths and weaknesses of various curriculum approaches (Piagetian, Montessori, and behaviorist). Prerequisite: 15:251:578 or experience in an early childhood setting (birth through second grade).
15:251:578 Theories and Practices in Early Childhood Education (3) Theories and methodologies related to the education of young children; teaching strategies and classroom environments analyzed in light of the development levels of preschool and primary school children. Prerequisite: 15:295:512 or permission of instructor.
15:251:670 Seminar in Early Childhood/Elementary Education (3) Selected topics in early childhood and elementary curriculum and instruction with a focus on critical research issues, such as developmentally appropriate curriculum, effective teaching and learning strategies, design of learning environments, or child care. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
15:251:671 Practicum in Early Elementary Teaching (BA) Field experience associated with pedagogy courses. Consists of four full days in a primary grade classroom (K-2); one visit per month for four months. 
15:251:672 Practicum in Upper-Elementary Teaching (BA) Field experience associated with pedagogy courses. Consists of four full days in an upper-elementary classroom (grades 3-5); one visit per month for four months. 
15:251:674 Practicum in Early Childhood/Elementary Education (BA) A field experience emphasizing the solution of problems or the development of projects relating to some aspect of early childhood or elementary education. Each student selects a problem or project as a major focus. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
15:251:675 Independent Study in Early Childhood/Elementary Education (3) Identification and study of a substantive problem related to early childhood or elementary education. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
15:251:676 Research in Early Childhood/Elementary Education (3) An exploration of research topics, methodologies, and techniques appropriate for conducting research in early childhood/elementary education. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
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