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  The Graduate School of Education 2004-2006 Tuition and Fees Fee Schedule  

Fee Schedule

2003-2004 Academic Year

Note:The university reserves the right to alter the amounts indicated on the following schedule at any time before the first day of classes of a term.

Application Fee, nonrefundable $50.00


New Jersey resident, 9 credits per term $4,476.00

Non-New Jersey resident, 9 credits per term $6,562.20

New Jersey resident, per credit $373.00

Non-New Jersey resident, per credit $546.85

Student Fee, per term

Full time (9 or more credits) $438.75

Part time (8 or fewer credits) $115.50

Off-campus college fee, full time $470.50

Off-campus college fee, part time $117.60

Matriculation continued or 1 credit of research $7.00

Computer Fee, per term

Full time $100.00

International student $100.00

Other ($40.00-94.00 based on credit hours) $40.00+

Housing, per term**

Dormitory, including breaks $2,728.00

Dormitory, calendar year $3,193.00

University apartments, including breaks $2,861.00

University apartments, calendar year $3,361.00

Meal Plans,per term

Any 105 meals to any 285 meals $1,147.00-1,605.00

Any 50 meals to any 75 meals (commuter) $500.00-660.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Basic health insurance program, per term

part-time students only (optional)*** $106.50

Major medical insurance plan, per term**** $197.50

Spouse, per term $197.50

Each child, per term $197.50

Late registration fee $50.00

Late payment fee $125.00

Returned check fee $50.00

Returned check processing fee $10.00

Partial payment fee $25.00

Late payment fee for partial payments $25.00

Microfilming of doctoral dissertation $55.00

Student ID fee $15.00

Restoral Fee

Fee, per term $373.00

Maximum fees (through five terms) $1,865.00

(applies to certain students who allow their registration to lapse and wish to be restored to active status as degree candidates)

Note:All breakage and damage to university property is charged for in full. The university is not responsible for loss by fire or theft of private property in its buildings.

* For an explanation of New Jersey residency status, see Student Residency for Tuition Purposes in the Academic Policies and Procedures chapter.
** Housing rates may be slightly higher or lower depending on whether it is single or double occupancy.
*** Required for international students.
**** This insurance is optional.

For additional information, contact RU-info at 732/932-info (4636) or
Comments and corrections to: Campus Information Services.

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