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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2018 School of Business-Camden Academic Programs and Requirements Academic Policies and Procedures Academic Amnesty Policy  

Academic Amnesty Policy

Undergraduate students who previously enrolled at Rutgers University and have seven or more consecutive years of hiatus may apply for academic amnesty in the Rutgers School of Business-Camden (RSBC).


  • This program is available to students who have not enrolled in any Rutgers University coursework for a period of at least seven consecutive years.
  • Prior to awarding amnesty, a student accepted into the academic amnesty program must demonstrate academic proficiency by completing at least 24 new Rutgers credits with a cumulative grade-point average of 2.500 or higher and no single grade of D or F within the first year of full-time enrollment or within two years of part-time enrollment.
  • Program participants must be reenrolled in the RSBC and matriculating for an RSBC degree.
  • Previously dismissed students will be conditionally readmitted to RSBC, pending the review and approval of the RSBC Scholastic Standing Committee (SSC) and subject to the SSC enrollment conditions.
  • Proficiency requirements must be satisfied within one year (fall, winter, spring, and summer) of full-time study or within two years of part-time study.
  • Students who do not satisfy the 24-credit, 2.500-GPA-proficiency requirement will be denied inclusion in the academic amnesty program.
  • All students must satisfy the RSBC residency requirement, as stated in the current catalog. Proficiency coursework may be counted toward residency.
  • Under the academic amnesty program, students are excluded from participating in the RSBC Repeat Course and Forgiveness policies.
  • Students may apply for academic amnesty only once, and once amnesty has been granted, the student may not at a later time ask for amnesty to be rescinded or modified. For example, if a student has been granted academic amnesty, they may not at a later time request degree credit for E-credited courses or request that grades from J-credited courses be computed in the grade point average.
If Academic Amnesty Is Approved
  • All prior Rutgers coursework will be treated as if it was transferred from an institution outside of the Rutgers University system. Students will retain credit for prior Rutgers coursework with grades of C or better, but none of these grades will be calculated into the grade-point average. The grade points and degree credit earned for grades of D and similarly grades of F will be removed and will NOT be calculated into the grade-point average. A student's grade-point average will include only grades earned after academic amnesty has been granted, including grades earned during the proficiency period.
  • All previous Rutgers grades of F and D will be E-credited, exclusive of grades awarded as a result of judicial action. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The symbol "E" preceding course credit indicates that no credit is earned toward the degree and no grade is computed in the cumulative grade-point average. These courses cannot be used to fulfill any major, minor, or general education degree requirements.
  • All previous grades of C or better will be J credited. The symbol "J" preceding course credits indicates that those credits are earned toward the degree, but the grade is not computed in the cumulative grade-point average. These courses may be used to fulfill major, minor, and general education degree requirements.
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