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Engineering Transfer 005
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African American Studies 014
Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
American History 512
American Literature 352
American Studies 050
Anthropology 070
Art (Art 080, Art History 082)
Arts and Sciences 090 (Interdisciplinary Courses)
Astronomy 100
Biochemistry 115
Biology 120
Biomedical Technology 124
Business Administration 135
Business Law 140
Chemistry (Biochemistry 115, Chemistry 160)
Childhood Studies 163
Classical Studies Minor
Computer Science 198
Criminal Justice 202
Dance 203
Ecommerce and Information Technology 623
Economics 220
Engineering Transfer Program 005
English (English Literature 350, American Literature 352, Film 354, Journalism 570, Linguistics 615, Writing 989)
European Studies 310
Finance 390
Fine Arts (Art 080, Art History 082; Museum Studies 698; Music 700, 701; Speech 950; Theater Arts 965)
Foreign Languages and Literatures (French 420, German 470, Italian 560, Russian 860, Spanish 940)
Geology 460
History (Historical Methods and Research 509; European History 510; American History 512; African, Asian, Latin American, and Comparative History 516)
Home Economics 520
Honors College 525
International Studies Program 549
Student-Proposed Majors and Minors 555
Journalism 570
Justice and Society 572
Latin American Studies Minor
Liberal Studies 606
Linguistics 615
Management 620
Marketing 630
Mathematical Sciences (Mathematics 640, Statistics 960)
Media Studies 657
Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine
Museum Studies 698
Music 700, 701
Nursing 705
Pharmacy 720
Philosophy and Religion 730, 840
Physics 750
Political Science 790
Psychology 830
Religion 840
Reserve Officer Training Programs
Russian 860
General Science 890
Social Work 910
Sociology (Anthropology 070, Criminal Justice 202, Sociology 920)
Spanish 940
Speech 950
Statistics 960
Teacher Preparation Program 964
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Urban Studies and Metropolitan Planning 975
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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2008-2010 Liberal Arts Colleges Programs, Faculty, and Courses Teacher Preparation Program 964 Policies and Procedures  

Policies and Procedures

Teacher Preparation Program (TPP) Status

Students are required to schedule update advisement appointments every 10 months to ensure that they remain active. Students' TPP status will change to inactive if they fail to schedule an appointment every 10 months; inform the TPP in writing that they are withdrawing from the program, either temporarily or permanently; or are not continuously enrolled in the university. If students reactivate their files, they will be expected to abide by all changes that might have been made to the program since the date they became inactive. There will be no "grandfathering" of requirements in cases of reactivation. Students who withdraw from the TPP having met all responsibilities except the professional semester (student teaching and student teaching seminar) are reclassified as noncompleters. Such students will be permitted to return to complete the program within two years of their withdrawal, without having to meet changes to the program requirements, with the exception of any NJ State Department of Education (DOE)-mandated changes in the Licensing Code. After two years, noncompleters will be reclassified as inactive. Students whose overall or major GPA falls below the required 2.80 will be placed in limbo status. While in limbo, students may not register for practica or student teaching; however, they are sheltered from any changes in the program. Students in limbo status will be provided two semesters to remediate their GPA. If successful, students will be reclassified as active. If unsuccessful, students will be declared inactive.



For each practicum course, students are assigned to work in a school setting for 45 hours under the supervision of a cooperating teacher. Once a student teaching application is completed and turned in by the stated deadlines, students are placed automatically on two "must have" practicum lists in the two semesters immediately prior to the student teaching semester.



Student Teaching

Spring Semester

Summer Semester

Fall Semester

Fall Semester

Winterim Semester

Spring Semester

Before being considered registered for each practicum course, active program students must:

1. File a valid, negative Mantoux test result that is dated less than one year from the beginning date of the field experience.

2. Maintain an overall GPA of 2.8 or higher, with no grades of T/Z or IN.

3. Call or report to the TPP office for the index and special permission numbers during the

    first week of preregistration for the semester in question and successfully complete the

    registration procedure with the registrar's office.


            A. If a student who has already filed for student teaching must delay his or her student teaching semester, his or her name will be removed from the practica "must have" list(s).

            B. Practicum placements are given to students on the first night of their practicum seminar. Students will be placed within a reasonable radius of Rutgers-Camden. We do not guarantee that geographical preferences can be accommodated.

Student Teaching

Student teaching is an entire semester (15 weeks) of full-time, unpaid work in an actual classroom under the supervision of a cooperating teacher and a university supervisor. Students will teach or observe the entire school day and must also be available for after school activities as required by the cooperating teacher. We recommend that students do not assume new commitments or responsibilities during this crucial time. Students must file the Student Teaching Application one full year in advance of the beginning of the student teaching semester. Application packets are due in late January for spring student teaching and late September for fall student teaching. It is the student's responsibility to obtain and submit the student teaching application materials on time. 


Students will be placed for student teaching only after each of the following has occurred:

  • A complete and accurate student teaching application has been submitted by stated deadline.
  • Proof of a valid, current negative Mantoux test or its equivalent has been submitted by stated deadline.
  • The student has maintained a minimum 2.8 GPA overall and in the major or major academic concentration.
  • The Teacher Preparation Program office has received, from the student's major adviser, the forms entitled Student Course Requirements/GPA Form, Major GPA Calculation Worksheet, and the Adviser's Major GPA Verification Form, found in the student teaching application packet. Final accountability for this requirement rests with the student.  
  • There are no documented infractions vis-ą-vis the Student Code of Conduct from the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.
  • The student has met with a TPP staff member to review his or her file approximately six to seven months before the student teaching semester.
  • All courses in the major, the general education requirements, and the teacher preparation program requirements have been fulfilled by the end of the semester immediately preceding student teaching.
Other Placement Rules
  1. Unless there are no other viable placement possibilities, student teachers will NOT be placed in schools where immediate family members work or attend; student teachers seeking K-12 certification will not be placed in the high school from which they graduated.
  2. All teaching candidates must take and pass the appropriate Praxis II test and earn a passing score as determined by the New Jersey Department of Education in order to be eligible for certification. Candidates for foreign language teaching certificates must also show evidence of a passing score on the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) in order to be eligible for certification.
  3. Students must agree to: accept the student teaching assignment; complete  the entire student teaching semester, including the required hours and other requirements of the State of New Jersey for certification as well as those of the Rutgers-Camden TPP; and attend the scheduled meetings of the student teaching seminar course.                                                   
  4. Under no circumstances is it appropriate for students to do or say anything regarding placements or otherwise that might work against the integrity of the Teacher Preparation Program office and its staff. We place students within our established network of partner schools. Students are not allowed to coordinate their own placements.

Failure to comply with the requirements detailed above will result in the withdrawal of the student teaching placement.

Early Termination of Student Teaching

The student teaching experience may be terminated at the request of the cooperating teacher or host school, the university supervisor, the student, and/or the director of the Teacher Preparation Program. After withdrawal from student teaching, reinstatement will generally not be possible sooner than the third semester following the semester of withdrawal. The student teacher will be given individual remediation, and successful remediation must be demonstrated before a second attempt at student teaching will be granted. The final decision with regard to replacement is made on a case-by-case basis by the director of the program in consultation with the supervising dean. Withdrawal from the field experience must be accompanied by a simultaneous withdrawal from the seminar. It is the student's responsibility to withdraw formally from the courses, lest a grade of incomplete become an F. Information about the withdrawal process should be obtained from the registrar's office. No student will be permitted more than two attempts at student teaching.

Students will receive a packet containing all materials and directions for the application for certification at the last session of Student Teaching Seminar. Completed forms, accompanied by a money order for the exact amount, will be due approximately three weeks after the end of the professional semester. The TPP will then process the applications and request a check from New Brunswick; this takes approximately three weeks. Once the DOE receives the information, the expected turnaround time until the certificate is issued is 10 working days. Failure to return the forms by the announced deadline may well result in delayed receipt of teaching certificates. Due to New Jersey State requirements, candidates who delay submission of the required paperwork will need to wait until the end of the following semester to file for their certification.


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