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  Graduate School-Camden 2007-2009 Programs, Faculty, and Courses Liberal Studies 606  

Liberal Studies

Degree Program Offered: Master of Arts

Director of the Graduate Program: Stuart Z. Charme, Ph.D.

Members of the Graduate Faculty

Beth Adelson, Associate Professor of Psychology; Ph.D., Harvard

Carol Avins, Associate Professor of Russian; Ph.D., Yale

Julianne Baird, Professor II of Music; Ph.D., Stanford

Laurie Bernstein, Associate Professor of History; Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Myra Bluebond-Langner, Professor II of Anthropology; Ph.D., Illinois

Stuart Z. Charme, Professor of Religion; Ph.D., Chicago

Marie Cornelia, Associate Professor of English; Ph.D., Fordham (emeritus)

Christine Cosentino-Dougherty, Professor II of German; Ph.D., Columbia

Christopher J. Fitter, Associate Professor of English; Ph.D., Oxford

Howard Gillette, Professor of History; Ph.D., Yale

Janet Golden, Professor of History; Ph.D., Boston

M.A. Rafey Habib, Associate Professor of English; Ph.D., Oxford

Richard Harris, Professor of Political Science; Ph.D., Pennsylvania

Louise K. Horowitz, Professor of French; Ph.D., CUNY

Charles Jarrett, Associate Professor of Philosophy; Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Wilbert Davis Jerome, Professor of Music; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr

Andrew Lees, Professor II of History; Ph.D., Harvard

Martin Rosenberg, Professor of Art; Ph.D., Pennsylvania

James Rushing, Associate Professor of German; Ph.D., Princeton

Robert M. Ryan, Professor of English; Ph.D., Columbia (emeritus)

Geoffrey Sill, Professor of English; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State

Carol Singley, Associate Professor of English; Ph.D., Brown

Roberta K. Tarbell, Associate Professor of Art; Ph.D., Delaware

G. Alan Tarr, Professor II of Political Science; Ph.D., Chicago

Jonathan Tittler, Professor of Spanish; Ph.D., Cornell

William Tucker, Professor of Psychology; Ph.D., Princeton

John Wall, Associate Professor of Religion; Ph.D., Chicago

Jesse William Whitlow, Jr., Professor of Psychology; Ph.D., Yale

Allen Woll, Professor of History; Ph.D., Wisconsin

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