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  School of Social Work 2013–2015 Degree Programs Master of Social Work Program (M.S.W.) Concentrations  


Concentrations build on, are related to, and extend the professional foundation. A concentration focuses on advanced methods of social work practice by size and type of client system. Concentrations are designed to develop greater depth in knowledge and skills building upon the generalist foundation. Students may concentrate in:

  • Clinical Social Work
  • Management and Policy  (formerly Nonprofit and Public Management)

Students must select a concentration prior to entering the advanced curriculum. Both concentrations require two advanced practice methods courses (6 credits) and a minimum of 6 credits of advanced field instruction.

Clinical Social Work

The concentration in clinical social work prepares students to conceptualize, provide, and supervise the delivery of social work services to individuals, couples, families, and small groups. Emphasis is on developing competence in those helping processes used to prevent problems and to enhance, develop, and restore social functioning. Courses required for the concentration and which must be taken concurrently with a clinical social work field education practicum are:

 19:910:511  Clinical Social Work I (3)

 19:910:512  Clinical Social Work II (3)

Management and Policy

The concentration in management and policy is designed to prepare social workers to perform administrative functions or planning, organizing, and policy functions within organizations, communities, and in the larger society. Courses required for the concentration and which must be taken concurrently with a management and policy field education practicum are:

 19:910:535  Management Practice and Theory (3)

 19:910:536  Program and Strategic Planning (3)

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