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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2018 School of Nursing-Camden Programs, Faculty, and General Information Clinical Laboratory Experiences Dress Code Policy  

Dress Code Policy

The student of nursing is expected to portray professionalism by being well groomed and dressed appropriately for the clinical agency being utilized. Unless the instructor specifies otherwise, the accepted uniform for clinical experience for female students will be a white uniform (dress or pantsuit) selected by the student. Undergarments should not be visible through the uniform. For male students, the uniform is a red shirt and black trousers. Plain, white, comfortable, closed-toe, closed-heel nurse's shoes and white hose are to be worn. T-shirts, turtlenecks, and sweaters, if needed, are to be completely white; sweatshirts are not to be worn. For pediatric clinicals, age-appropriate printed smocks, jackets, or vests may be worn with the Rutgers ID visible.

The Rutgers ID badge must be visible at all times when in the clinical area. A red and black patch designating student status at Rutgers University-Camden is available at the bookstore. It should be sewn to the right chest area of the uniform and lab coat and worn only for university student clinical experiences. Student name pins (available at stationery and uniform shops) are to be worn on the right side also.

Long hair is not to hang loose. It should be pulled back and secured in place so that it cannot fall forward. No hair ornamentation of any kind is to be worn. Nails should be kept well trimmed to protect clients from injury or scratching. No artificial nails are permitted. Colorless polish is permitted. Jewelry should be limited to a watch and/or wedding band. No earrings, posts, or ornamentation of any kind are to be worn. All facial jewelry must be removed including tongue rings. All tattoos must be covered so as to not be visible. Hair dyes other than naturally occurring hair colors are not permitted.

A white lab coat with the Rutgers University student patch sewn on the right chest area worn over professional-looking street clothes (no jeans) is required when the student goes into the hospital to prepare for lab experiences. Community nursing uniform will be corporate casual attire and lab jacket with student name tag and ID, unless otherwise specified. Uniforms and equipment can be purchased at uniform and department stores and/or through catalogs. Comparison shopping is advised.

Name Pin

Name pins should be white plastic with the student's name and "Rutgers University" engraved in black letters, white background, no bigger than 1 x 2 . Example: MARY SMITH, S.N., RUTGERS UNIVERSITY. Pins may be purchased at a uniform or stationery store.

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