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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2013–2015 Academic Policies and Procedures Registration and Course Information  

Registration and Course Information

Terri R. Cristofaro, Registrar

Office of the Registrar
311 North Fifth Street
Camden, NJ 08102-1405

    Office: 856-225-6053

    Veterans' Affairs: 856-225-2754

    Fax: 856-225-6453


Registration Website:

Scheduling Website:

Formal admission to the Camden College of Arts and Sciences, University College–Camden, the School of Nursing–Camden, or the School of Business–Camden and payment of tuition and fees are prerequisites to registration. All students, by virtue of registering, agree to comply with the regulations of the university and of the undergraduate colleges.

Registration consists of three essential steps:

1. Course selection with the aid of faculty advisement or the advising office staff

2. Entry of the selected program through Rutgers web registration system: by students with system access, or at the registrar's office for all other students

3. Submission of the term bill to the bursar along with payment of tuition and fees for the approved program

It is important to note that the registration process is completed only after the student presents his or her term bill to the bursar, along with payment or appropriate verification of financial assistance in accordance with the billing instructions.

It is the responsibility of the student to acquire, complete, and return registration and term bill information, including payment of tuition and fees, on time. Most registration notices are mailed to the student's campus mailbox in the Camden Campus Center. When information is mailed, the student's last address of record in the registrar's office is used, but the university cannot and does not assume responsibility if the student fails to receive this information. Those who do not register within the time allotted are charged the late registration fee of $50. For further information, see the tuition and fees website (

Students seeking to return, having voluntarily separated themselves from the college, should refer to the reenrollment process on the admissions website ( Applications must be filed before August 1 for September re-enrollment and before December 1 for January reenrollment.

For additional information, contact RU-info at 732-445-info (4636) or
Comments and corrections to: Campus Information Services.

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