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  School of Communication and Information 2023-2025 Ph.D. Program in Communication, Information, and Media Program Program Requirements Master's-Level Statistics Competency  

Master's-Level Statistics Competency

The school expects some students entering the program to have achieved master's-level competency in statistics. This is a prerequisite for enrollment in Quantitative Research Methods (16:194:604). 604 is a program methods course required for the library and information science (LIS) area and can be taken to fulfill methods requirements for communication (COM) and media studies (MS) areas.

Students who have not successfully completed graduate-level coursework in statistics or feel unsure about their statistical competency are strongly encouraged to enroll in a master's-level statistics course as soon as possible and prior to taking 604.  However, credits earned in master's-level statistics do not count toward the program's coursework credit requirements. Possible master-level courses at Rutgers include (but are not restricted to):
  • 17:610:511   Research Methods
  • 16:960:532  Statistical Methods in Education II
Although individual instructors may have different expectations, some of the specific statistical competencies students are expected to have before enrolling in 604 include levels of measurement, measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode), measures of variance, variables, sampling, error, tests of association, significance tests, and z-scores.


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