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The Rutgers Law Review publishes critical legal opinion, including articles on important legal problems by authorities in their respective fields, student commentary, and book reviews. The Rutgers Law Review and its predecessors have been published for more than three decades. Students edit the publication and write approximately half of the articles. Most staff members are selected at the end of their first year. Selection is based on a competition in writing, analytical, and editorial abilities; the competition is conducted by the editorial board. All students are invited to submit completed manuscripts for publication and thereby gain membership on the Rutgers Law Reviewfor the fall term.

The Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journalis a student-run, law-review-style publication. It focuses on issues arising from the interaction of computers and other technologies with the law. Emphasis in the past has been placed on three major areas: legal aspects of the computer industry, legal ramifications of the use of computers and other special technologies, and the application of computers and new technologies to the legal profession. Other recent topics include intellectual property and electronic media, communications, and environmental regulation. Each issue includes recent developments and a complete bibliography. The journal is published semiannually, and largely written by students. Staff members are selected primarily through a writing competition, but members also may join by writing an article suitable for publication in the journal.

The Women`s Rights Law Reporter is a quarterly journal of legal scholarship and feminist criticism published by students at the School of Law-Newark. Founded in 1970 by feminist activists, legal workers, and law students, and first published independently in New York City, the Women`s Rights Law Reporter moved to Rutgers in 1972 and became formally affiliated with the law school in 1974. It is the oldest legal periodical in the United States focusing exclusively on the field of women`s rights law. The journal examines legislative developments, significant federal and state court cases, judicial doctrines, litigation strategies, the lives and careers of prominent women jurists, the legal profession, and other areas of law or public policy relating to women`s rights.

The Rutgers Race and the Law Review provides a forum for scholarship and dialogue on race, ethnicity, and the law. Established in 1996, it is only the second journal in the country to focus on the broad spectrum of multicultural issues. It addresses the concerns of people of color and covers various types of political ideologies, philosophies, and religions. Of special interest are treaties, agreements, and laws promulgated among different nations and the impact they have on people of color. Consequently, the Reviewcovers international as well as national topics of race and the law.

The Rutgers Law Record is the online law journal of the law school and is the only general subject, fully online law journal in America. It welcomes various forms of submissions, including academic articles, articles concerning the School of Law-Newark, opinions and editorials, and articles concerning the legal profession, with an emphasis on subject matter that is timely and of interest to a broad audience. Since the Rutgers Law Recordcan be accessed from any computer terminal in the world, it aims to promote legal discourse among many different communities, including law students, professors, alumni, and practicing attorneys, as well as the general public.

Membership on one of these publications is often considered by both the academic and professional communities to be the most significant extracurricular educational activity in law school.

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