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Creative Writing 200
Criminal Justice 202
Economics 220
English 350 (Includes American Literature 352)
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Environmental Geology 380
Global Affairs 478
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Jazz History and Research 561
Management 620
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Mathematical Sciences 645
Nursing 705
Peace and Conflict Studies 735
Physics, Applied 755
Political Science 790
Psychology 830
Public Administration 834
Urban Environmental Analysis and Management
Global Urban Systems 977 (Joint Ph.D with NJIT)
Women's and Gender Studies 988
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  Graduate School-Newark 2020-2022 Programs, Faculty, and Courses Management 620  

Management 620

Degree Program Offered: Doctor of Philosophy

Director of Doctoral Program: Suresh Govindaraj, Rutgers Business School (RBS), 1 Washington Park, Room 934 (973-353-5371; email:


The doctoral program is administered separately from the Rutgers master of business administration (M.B.A.) degree program. For information about programs leading to the M.B.A. degree, visit the Rutgers Business School admissions office website at (973-353-1234; fax: 973-353-1592; email:

Members of the Graduate Faculty

From the Accounting and Information Systems Department

Michael Alles, RBS; Ph.D., Stanford
Managerial accounting; strategic control systems

Divya Anantharaman, RBS; Ph.D., Columbia
Accounting and corporate finance; disclosure; pension funds; financial institutions

Helen Brown-Liburd, RBS; Ph.D., Wisconsin (Madison)
Judgement and decision-making issues in auditing; negotiation; ethics

Foong Soon Cheong, RBS; Ph.D., Yale
Analysists forecast; information flow; equity valuation

Valentin Dimitrov, RBS; Ph.D., Tulane
Capital markets; financial accounting; voluntary disclosure

Feng Gao, Rochester
Corporate governance; securities regulations insider trading; corporate social responsibility

Peter R. Gillett, RBS; Ph.D., Kansas
Auditing; information systems; uncertain reasoning; quantitative methodologies; philosophy

Leonard Goodman, RBS; Ph.D., New York
Corporate taxation; history of taxation; international accounting

Suresh Govindaraj, RBS; Ph.D., Columbia
Financial analysis; executive compensation; taxes

Won Gyun No, Ph.D., Waterloo (Canada)
Accounting information systems

Hussein Issa, RBS; Ph.D., Rutgers
Exception identification and prioritization; expert systems; continuous auditing and continuous control monitoring; data analysis

Bikki Jaggi, RBS; Ph.D., Free University of Berlin
Financial accounting; cost accounting; environmental accounting; social accounting.

Alex Kogan, RBS; Ph.D., USSR Academy of Sciences
Internet technology and electronic commerce; knowledge-based decision support systems; accounting information systems; reasoning under uncertainty; productivity accounting and data analysis

Yaw M. Mensah, RBS; Ph.D., Illinois
Managerial accounting; efficiency evaluation; nonprofit institutions; financial accounting; information in capital markets

Paul J. Miranti Jr., RBS; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins
American business history; government accounting; not-for-profit accounting

Kevin Moffitt, RBS; Ph.D., Arizona
Automated credibility assessment; fraudulent financial reporting; knowledge discovery through text mining; motivation in online communities

Dan Palmon, RBS; Ph.D., New York
Corporate finance; financial reporting; general accounting theory

Bharat Sarath, RBS; Ph.D., Stanford
Financial accounting

Glenn R. Shafer, RBS; Ph.D., Princeton
Audit judgment; causal modeling and uncertain reasoning; expert systems; information systems; statistical reasoning

Jay Soled, RBS; J.D., Michigan
Business taxation; charitable trusts; estate planning

Miklos A. Vasarhelyi, RBS; Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)
Accounting systems; expert systems; ecommerce

Li Zhang, RBS; Ph.D., London Business School
Voluntary disclosures; market anomaly; credit market

From the Finance and Economics Department

Ivan E. Brick, RBS; Ph.D., Columbia
Corporate finance; the impact of default risk, taxes, and asymmetric information upon the type of financial securities issued by firms; capital budgeting

Serdar Dinc, RBS; Ph.D., Stanford
Political economy of finance; transmission of financial shocks; real estate lending; mergers and acquisitions

Mahmud Hassan, RBS; Ph.D., Vanderbilt
Economics; health economics; labor management

Simi Kedia, RBS; Ph.D., New York
Finance; corporate finance; governance; compensation; diversification

Jin-Mo Kim, RBS; Ph.D., Michigan State
Corporate governance; cross-border mergers and acquisitions; international portfolio allocation

Farrokh K. Langdana, RBS; Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic and State
Fiscal and monetary policies; global macroeconomic policies; macroeconomic experimentation

Cheng-Few Lee, RBS; Ph.D., SUNY (Buffalo)
Corporate finance; security analysis; portfolio management; options and futures; risk management

Rose Liao, RBS; Ph.D., Ohio State
Empirical corporate finance; international finance; fixed income securities

Frank McIntyre, RBS; Ph.D., Stanford
Applied econometrics; law and economics; labor; development

Daniela Osterrieder, RBS; Ph.D., Maastricht (Netherlands)
Financial economics; financial econometrics; long-memory models; empirical asset pricing

Darius Palia, RBS; Ph.D., New York
Corporate finance; banking; corporate governance

Oded Palmon, RBS; Ph.D., Chicago
Corporate finance; taxation

Robert H. Patrick, RBS; Ph.D., New Mexico
Applied microeconomics; applied econometrics; natural resource and environmental economics; regulation of network industries

Harvey Poniachek, RBS; Ph.D., SUNY

Tavy Ronen, RBS; Ph.D., New York
Market microstructure; corporate finance

Ben J. Sopranzetti, RBS; Ph.D., Illinois
Banking; corporate finance; derivative securities

Menaham Spiegel, RBS; Ph.D., Chicago
Regulation and competition in network industries; economic theory of economics with consumption externalities

Dan Weaver, RBS; Ph.D., Rutgers
Market microstructure; security design

Yangru Wu, RBS; Ph.D., Ohio State
International finance; asset pricing; applied time-series analysis

Zhaodong Zhong, RBS; Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Hedge funds; derivatives; credit risk; empirical asset pricing

Xing Zhou, RBS; Ph.D., Cornell
Credit markets; market microstructure; empirical asset pricing

From the Management Science and Information Systems Department

Nabil R. Adam, RBS; Ph.D., Columbia
Database systems; digital libraries; electronic commerce; scheduling; simulation

Farid Alizadeh, RBS; Ph.D., Minnesota
Software for optimization with simultaneous linear, convex, quadratic, and semidefinite constraints; application of semidefinite programming to combinatorial optimization and statistics

Vijay Atluri, RBS; Ph.D., George Mason
Clinical information systems; database management systems; distributed systems; information systems security; workflow management systems

Benjamin Avi-Itzhak, RBS; D.Sc., Israel Institute of Technology
Operations research; electric energy generation; telecommunication networks; stochastic modeling

Adi Ben-Israel, RBS; Ph.D., Northwestern
Convexity and inequalities; matrix theory; optimization theory; numerical analysis; dynamic programming; optimal control; economics of uncertainty; management of natural resources

Endre Boros, RBS; Ph.D., Eötvös Loránd (Budapest)
Discrete optimization

Jonathan Eckstein, RBS; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Optimization algorithms; parallel computing and applications

Mert Gurbuzbalabar, Ph.D., New York
Optimization, computation science

Douglas Jones, RBS; Ph.D., Florida State
Bayesian methods; computerized psychological and educational testing; data analysis

Michael N. Katehakis, RBS; Ph.D., Columbia
Dynamic programming; reliability; queuing; sequential statistics; operations management

Thomas Lidbetter, Ph.D., London School of Economics
Game theoretic models

Xiaodong Lin, RBS; Ph.D., Purdue
Financial time series; statistical data mining; network analysis in neurology and imaging; data privacy and confidentiality

Spiros Papadimitriou, RBS; Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon
Data mining; streaming data; time series; graph mining; clustering; large-scale data processing; smart mobile applications

Periklis Papakonstantinou, Ph.D., Toronto
Big Data; machine learning crytography

Andrzej Ruszczynski, RBS; Ph.D., Warsaw University of Technology
Stochastic programming; stochastic control; financial engineering; risk management

Barit Shariq, CIMIC-RBS; Ph.D., Purdue
Information security; access control; distributed multimedia systems

John Tavantzis, RBS; Ph.D., New York
Analysis, optimization, and dynamical systems

Jaideep Vaidya, RBS; Ph.D., Purdue
Confluence of privacy/security; data mining and databases; security and privacy issues raised by data mining; data mining techniques applied to interoperation of heterogeneous information sources; applied cryptography and secure multiparty computation techniques; use of data mining for enhancing security

Hui Xiong, RBS; Ph.D., Minnesota
Data mining; statistical computing; geographic information systems; biomedical informatics; information security

Jian Yang, RBS; Ph.D., Texas (Austin)
Combinatorial optimization; production planning; logistics; stochastic modeling; revenue management; game-theoretic applications

From the Management and Global Business Department

Ted Baker, RBS; Ph.D., North Carolina

Michael L. Barnett, RBS; Ph.D., New York
Strategic management; corporate reputation; corporate social responsibility; industry self-regulation

John Cantwell, RBS; Ph.D., Reading
Analysis of corporate technological change and international business

Chao C. Chen, RBS; Ph.D., SUNY (Buffalo)
Cross-cultural management; China; reward allocation; leadership; managing diversity

Petra Christmann, RBS; Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)
Strategic management and international business with a focus on environmental management; firm self-regulation in the global economy; emergence of global standards and their effects on firm strategies; international diffusion of management practices

Farok J. Contractor, RBS; Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Foreign investment and markets; global enterprises; joint ventures; licensing

Joanne Ciulla, Ph.D., Temple
Leadership ethics

Nancy DiTomaso, RBS; Ph.D., Wisconsin
Diversity in organizations; labor force; managing knowledge-based organizations; organizational change and transformation; organizational culture; women, minorities, and cross-cultural management

Ajai Gaur, RBS; Ph.D., National University of Singapore
Strategy: business groups, corporate governance, and top management teams; international business: internationalization, entry mode and ownership strategies, foreign subsidiary management, and emerging economies

Michelle Gittelman, RBS; Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Innovation in the biopharmaceutical industryJerry Kim

Terri Kurtzberg, RBS; Ph.D., Northwestern
Email communication; negotiation strategies and tactics; organizational creativity

Daniel Levin, RBS; Ph.D., Northwestern
Knowledge transfer; organizational learning; organizational change and innovation

Douglas Miller, Ph.D., Ohio State
Strategic management

Sinead Monaghan, RBS; Ph.D., Limerick, Ireland
Foreign direct investment; multinational corporations; subnational actors; social network analysis; internationalization; economic geography; strategic HRM; employment relations; comparative HRM; networks

Arturo E. Osorio, RBS; Ph.D., Massachusetts
Entrepreneurship; grassroots movements; emergence and organizing processes

Sara Parker Lue, Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)
Strategic human resources; organizational economics of health care

Aviad Peer, RBS; Ph.D., British Columbia
Sources of competitive advantage; entry strategies and economic geography

Jeffrey A. Robinson, RBS; Ph.D., Columbia
Entrepreneurship; urban economic development; entrepreneurial leadership; social entrepreneurship; urban sociology; strategic management; business and society issues; institutional theory; social networks; urban hiring strategies

Neha Shah, RBS; Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)
Workplace social networks; status hierarchies

Oliver Sheldon, RBS; Ph.D., Cornell
Groups and teams; conflict and negotiation; managerial judgment decision making

Phyllis Siegel, RBS; Ph.D., Columbia
CEO self-handicapping; executive compensation; linkage between strategy and organizational behavior/human resource management; organizational justice and trust

Alex VanZant, Ph.D., California (Berkeley)
Strategic social interactions

Danni Wang, Ph.D., Arizona State
Leadership ethics

Danielle Warren, RBS; Ph.D., Wharton
Global business ethics and management

From the Marketing Department

S. Chan Choi, RBS; Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Price competition; competitive product positioning; quantitative models in marketing

Kristina Durante, Ph.D., Texas (Austin)
Social psychology; consumer decision-making

Harsharanjeet Jagpal, RBS; Ph.D., Columbia
Advertising; internet marketing; marketing-finance interface; new products; pricing; strategy; sales force policy; marketing channels

Kihyun Kim, Ph.D., Georgia State
Customer experiences; purchase behaviors

Alokparna (Sonia) Basu Monga, RBS; Ph.D., Minnesota
Branding; culture

Ashwani Monga, RBS; Ph.D., Minnesota
Judgment; decision-making

Oscar Moreno, Ph.D., Utah
Consumer behavior

Can (John) Uslay, RBS; Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology
Marketing interfaces; market structure; market orientation; predatory pricing; nation and region branding; mindful marketing; product placement; covert marketing; rule of three theory

Sengun Yeniyurt, RBS; Ph.D., Michigan State
New product performance; brand management; market positioning; international marketing strategy; supplier relationship management

From the Supply Chain Management and Marketing Science Department

Arash Azadegan, RBS; Ph.D., Arizona State
Supply chain disruptions; disruption response and recovery; supply chain innovation; environmental uncertainty

Alok Baveja, Ph.D., SUNY (Buffalo)
Management of operations

Weiwei Chen, RBS; Ph.D., Wisconsin (Madison)
Optimization; simulation; supply chain management and logistics; smart grid; health care

Wayne Eastman, RBS; J.D., Harvard
Employment and labor law; history and politics of managerial and legal theory; law and economics; litigation strategy

Kevin Kolben, RBS; J.D., Michigan
Labor rights; international labor law; corporate social responsibility; international trade law; Asian business; South and Southeast

Lei Lei, RBS; Ph.D., Wisconsin
Project scheduling; scheduling of transport; vehicle dispatching and routing

Rudolf Leuschner, Ph.D., Ohio State
Supply chain finance

Benjamin Melamed, RBS; Ph.D., Michigan
Modeling of telecommunications systems; stochastic processes; analysis and simulation; software modeling environments

Lian Qi, RBS; Ph.D., Florida
Supply chain management; inventory management; design and analysis of optimization algorithms

Lei Wang, RBS; Ph.D., Northwestern
Database marketing; retailing

Xiaowei Xu, RBS; Ph.D., Northwestern
Supply chain management; revenue management; retail management

Yao Zhao, RBS; Ph.D., Northwestern
Forecasting; production-inventory systems; information sharing; supply chain integration; distribution and logistics; integration of financial and operational decisions; dynamic programming; optimal stochastic control

From Rutgers University-Newark, Economics Department

Jason Barr, GS-N; Ph.D., Columbia
Urban economics; computational economics

Douglas Coate, GS-N; Ph.D., CUNY
Applied economics

Peter Loeb, GS-N; Ph.D., Rutgers
Transportation economics; econometrics

Kusum Mundra, GS-N; Ph.D., California (Riverside)
Immigration; terrorism; econometrics

Alvaro Rodriguez, GS-N; Ph.D., New York
Economic theory; growth models

Julia Schwenkenberg, GS-N; Ph.D., New York
Labor economics; development, applied microeconomics

Carlos Seiglie, GS-N; Ph.D., Chicago
Public economics; applied microeconomics; Latin American economies

Mariana Spatareanu, GS-N; Ph.D., Washington
Foreign direct investment; trade; macroeconomics

James VanderHoff, GS-N; Ph.D., North Carolina
Real estate and urban economics; applied econometrics.

From Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Statistics Department

Javier Cabrera, Rutgers-New Brunswick; Ph.D., Princeton
Biostatistics; data mining methodology for clinical trial data; statistical computing; graphics; machine vision

From Rutgers University-Newark, School of Public Affairs and Administration

Marc Holzer, SPAA: Ph.D., Michigan

From Rutgers University-Camden, School of Business

Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, Rutgers-Camden; Ph.D., Temple
Shoppers with disabilities; time perception and use; scale development; subcultural consumer behavior

Julie E. Kendall, Rutgers-Camden; Ph.D., Nebraska
Organizational implications of push-and-pull information technologies; qualitative methods

Kenneth Kendall, Rutgers-Camden; Ph.D., SUNY (Buffalo)
Emerging information systems technologies; expert systems; artificial intelligence

Julie A. Ruth, Rutgers-Camden; Ph.D., Michigan
Emotions and consumer behavior; marketing relationships; brand marketing strategy including cobranding and sponsorships

From New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Computer Science Department

James Calvin, NJIT; Ph.D., Stanford
Probabilistic analysis of algorithms; global optimization; information-based complexity; search theory; applied probability

James Geller, NJIT; Ph.D., SUNY (Buffalo)
Artificial intelligence; database systems; object-oriented systems; parallel reasoning; knowledge-based systems; expert systems; natural language processing; character recognition

Marvin Nakayama, NJIT; Ph.D., Stanford
Simulation modeling and analysis; fault-tolerant systems; communication networks; statistics; applied probability

From New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Information Systems Department

Fadi Deek; NJIT; Ph.D., NJIT
Learning systems collarborative technologies; applications to software engineering and computer science education

From New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), School of Management

Asokan Anandarajan, NJIT; Ph.D., Drexel
Auditing; management accounting; neural networks; expert systems

Michael Erlich, NJIT; Ph.D., Princeton
Markets and market failures

Shanthi Gopalakrishnan, NJIT; Ph.D., Rutgers

Kenneth Lawrence, NJIT; Ph.D., Rutgers
Mathematical programming; multicriteria decision making; urban and regional planning; consensus forecasting; new product demand analysis; robust regression; nonlinear regression; statistical sampling

Hindy Schachter, NJIT; Ph.D., Columbia
Organizational behavior; history of scientific management; public administration; managing diversity; legal and ethical issues

Marguerite Schneider, NJIT; Ph.D., Rutgers
Corporate governance; institutional investment; organizational leadership; public sector organizations

Mark Somers, NJIT; Ph.D., CUNY
Attachment and commitment processes in organizations; task and unit-level technologies; occupational and organizational socialization.

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