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  Graduate School-Newark 2020-2022 Programs, Faculty, and Courses Biology 120  

Biology 120

Degree Programs Offered: Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy

Director of Graduate Programs: Haesun Kim, Ph.D. (

Masters Program Coordinator:  Ching-On Wong, Ph.D.  (

Chair: Wilma Friedman, Ph.D. (


Members of the Graduate Faculty:

Full Members



Edward M. Bonder, Biological Sciences; Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Cell and developmental biology

Wilma J. Friedman, Biological Sciences; Ph.D., Rockefeller
Molecular Neurobiology

Nan Gao, Biological Sciences; Ph.D., Vanderbilt
Mechanism of mitotic division and cell polarity in somatic stem cell and cancer cell

Haesun Kim, Biological Sciences; Ph.D., Cincinnati
Cell and molecular biology of myelinating glial cells

Associate Professors:

Tracy Tran, Biological Sciences; Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)
Molecular mechanisms of axon guidance and synapse formation

Assistant Professors:

Jean Pierre Etchegaray, Biological Sciences; Ph.D., UMDNJ
DNA oxidation and epigenetic regulation of stem cells

Ching-On Wong, Biological Sciences; Ph.D., U. Hong Kong
Organellar biology and cell metabolism and bioenergetics in the nervous system

Lily Khadempour, Earth and Environmental Science; Ph.D., Wisconsin
Microbial ecology, evolution and symbiosis

Sara Ruane, Earth and Environmental Science; Ph.D., CUNY
Evolutionary biology

New Jersey Institute of Technology


Jorge Golowasch, NJIT; Ph.D., Brandeis
Regulation of neuronal excitability neurophysiology

Farzan Nadim, NJIT; Ph.D., Boston University
Control of oscillatory neuronal activity, computational neuroscience

Horacio Rotstein; Ph.D., Israel Institute of Technology
Biophysical and dynamic mechanisms

Associate Professors:

Philp Barden, NJIT; Ph.D., American Museum of Natural History Richard Gilder Graduate School
Evolution in eusocial insects

Dirk Bucher, Biological Sciences, NJIT; Ph.D., Free University of Berlin
Control of neural activity patterns underlying behavior

Dan Bunker, Biological Sciences, NJIT; Ph.D. Pittsburgh
Community ecology

Brooke Flammang, NJIT; Ph.D., Harvard
Organismal biology

Eric Fortune, Biological Sciences, NJIT; Ph.D., Chicago
Systems physiology

Simon Garnier, NJIT; Ph.D., Toulouse (France)
Behavioral ecology, intelligent group behavior

Gareth Russell, NJIT; Ph.D., Tennessee
Computational ecology

Daphne Soares; Ph.D., Maryland

Assistant Professors:

Kristen Serveri, NJIT; Ph.D., Northeastern
Neural circuits underlying motor actions

Xiaonan Tai, NJIT; Ph.D., SUNY

Associate Members



Barry Komisaruk, Ph.D., Psychology

Associate Professors:

Claus Holzapfel, Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences

Karina Schafer, Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences

Assistant Professors:

Marcelo Gehara, Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences

Angelo Soto Centeno, Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences

Research Assistant Professors:

Michael Shiflett, Ph.D., Psychology

New Jersey Institute of Technology


Bryan Pfister, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering

Adjunct Members

Assistant Teaching Professors:

Rola Bekdash, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Miguel Cervantes-Cervantes, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Susan Seipel, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

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