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  School of Nursing 2021-2023 Academic Policies and Procedures Communicable Disease Policy  

Communicable Disease Policy

Infectious/communicable diseases are common in health care settings and students of Rutgers School of Nursing may have contact with patients with various infections such a blood-borne transmitted diseases, droplet transmitted diseases, and contact transmitted diseases. This contact may result in the student transmitting an infectious disease and may affect the health and safety of others.

To protect the health and safety of its students, as well as that of patients, the School of Nursing requires:
Initial infectious disease screenings and pre-exposure immunizations against specified infectious/communicable diseases.

Post-exposure follow-up/treatment following exposure to specified infectious/communicable diseases.

Compliance with the infectious/communicable disease policy and protocols of the agency or facility to which they are assigned for clinical practice as well as the guidelines specified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Compliance with the use of standard precautions is all patient care situations.
Any exposure incidence such as an accidental needle stick must follow the clinical agency's protocol and/or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. All needle sticks in the learning lab must be reported to the Office of Student Services.

Students who are exposed to a reportable communicable/infectious disease are required to have their communicable disease risk status assessed by the student's health care provider or the student health services on their respective campus. A decision about the risk the student poses to the health and safety of others on campus or while at an affiliated institution will be the responsibility of the health care provider or the Rutgers Student Health Center.

Students requiring accommodations will be based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Restrictions or accommodations that are requested should be directed to the Office of Student Services without giving specific medical information unless the student permits release of this information. A final determination of any accommodation that can be reasonably made to allow the student to participate to their fullest potential and complete their educational requirements without compromising the health and safety of others on campus or a clinical affiliate will be made.

A student with a communicable/infectious disease pursuing academic study that requires clinical rotations should be aware that the School of Nursing cannot guarantee placement at affiliate clinical sites for clinical rotations. Students participating in clinical rotations are subject to the requirements and approval of the clinical site.

The student is responsible for any costs associated with the evaluation of his or her condition if not covered by health insurance.

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