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  Graduate School-New Brunswick 2003-2005 Programs, Faculty, and Courses Art History 082 Graduate Courses  

Graduate Courses

16:082:503,504Individual Studies in Art History (BA,BA)
16:082:506Approaches to Art History (3) History of art history and explanation of the basic methodologies (iconography, connoisseurship). Recent challenges from outside the field-political, psychological, semiotic. Spector
16:082:509African Art and Architecture (3) Survey of the art history of West Africa. Examines the different theoretical and practical models that have been used to look at African art history, their origins in the "discovery" of African art, and their relationship to multiculturalism and current attempts to study the "other." Brett-Smith
16:082:511Archaic Greek Art (3) Examination of the origins and early development of Greek architecture, sculpture, and painting. Kenfield
16:082:514Hellenistic Painting and Sculpture (3) Examination of the development of Hellenistic sculpture and painting from its origins in the late fifth century b.c. Kenfield
16:082:515Etruscan Art (3) Focuses on the development of an independent culture within a world increasingly dominated by Greece and Rome. Small
16:082:517Ancient Mosaics (3) Examination of mosaic painting from its origins through the early Byzantine period. Kenfield
16:082:521Art of Late Antiquity (3) Art and architecture of the Mediterranean world, third to seventh centuries. Emphasis on religious and political contexts and theories of stylistic and iconographic development. Harvey
16:082:524Christian Iconography (3) The origin and development of Christian imagery. Emphasis on methods of iconographical research. Harvey
16:082:528Modern Architecture (3) Major architects and theorists in Europe and the Americas from the 18th century to the present. Emphasis on reading of theoretical texts and analysis of the most important architects and buildings from Laugier to the present. Yanni
16:082:529Design of Cities (3) History of urban design in Europe and the Americas from the 17th century to the present, with emphasis on major cities, their principal planning episodes, and urban planning theory and practice in cultural and social perspectives. Yanni
16:082:532Italian Painting in the Age of Dante (3) Style, patronage, and iconography in painting from 1250-1400, emphasizing the work of such masters as Giotto, Duccio, Simone Martini, and the Lorenzetti. Goffen
16:082:536Renaissance Architecture (3) Architecture in Italy from 1400 to 1600, including issues of form, symbol, meaning, and intention. The influence of engineering, urban planning, military architecture, garden design, and theory as well as practice addressed. Marder
16:082:537Early Baroque Painting in Italy (3) Painting in Rome ca. 1600, focusing on the stylistic innovations and legacy of the Carracci and Caravaggio in the context of contemporary artistic trends, patronage, and theory. Puglisi
16:082:538Bernini (3) Consideration of Bernini`s career as the universal artistic genius of the Roman baroque. Sculpture, architecture, and painting and their contexts considered. Marder, Puglisi
16:082:539Velazquez and Baroque Painting in Spain (3) Major achievements of the 17th-century painter and his impact on Spanish baroque painting. Puglisi
16:082:540English Architecture (3) Arrival and development of classical architecture in England from 1500 to 1780. Emphasis on individual styles, urban schemes, and cultural contexts. Marder
16:082:541Seventeenth-Century Northern European Painting (3) Study of major stylistic and thematic currents of the baroque as interpreted in the Netherlands, Flanders, and France.
16:082:543Dutch Genre Painting in the 17th Century (3) Recent interpretations of the themes and pictorial "realism" of Dutch 17th-century genre painting and its antecedents. Artists include Frans Hals, Gerard Dou, Gerard Terborch, Johannes Vermeer, and Jan Steen.
16:082:547Baroque Architecture (3) Emphasizing 17th-century Rome, the great architects Bernini, Borromini, and Pietra da Cortona discussed in depth. Issues of urbanism, the contributions of the Piedmontesi architects, and 18th-century architecture examined. Marder
16:082:548Prints and Printmakers (3) History of printmaking, emphasizing the processes and major artists involved.
16:082:551Romantic Art (3) Nature, sources, and influences of 19th-century French romanticism (Gros, Gericault, Delacroix, Ingres), with some consideration of literature (Hugo, Gautier, Baudelaire). Spector
16:082:552Dawn of Abstraction (3) Analysis of the theories of critics and the practices of painters and sculptors in Europe from 1900 to 1920 in order to understand why and how abstraction emerged and evolved. Spector
16:082:553Surrealism (3) History of surrealist painting and writing as antimodernist avant-garde concerned with psychological and political questions. Spector
16:082:554Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Painting (3) Consideration of various movements, including the Hudson River School, luminism, American Barbizon, and impressionist painting as well as landscapes of the west. Bellion
16:082:555Nineteenth-Century Realism (3) Emphasis on social and political themes in French art (Courbet, Manet) and literature (Balzac, Flaubert, Zola). Spector
16:082:556American Art, 1900-1960 (3) Consideration of various movements, including the ashcan school, early modernism, precisionism, regionalism, social realism, and abstract expressionism. Bellion
16:082:557French 18th-Century Painting (3) Study of rococo, neoclassicism, and early romanticism from the reign of Louis XIV to Napoleon. Focus on the emergence of modern subject matter.
16:082:559Picasso (3) Covers the full range of Picasso`s artistic creations and also his writings, political involvement, and personality. Spector
16:082:561Postimpressionism (3) Developments between impressionism and fauvism mainly in France (Cezanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Seurat). Discussions include nabis symbolism and art nouveau.
16:082:563Curatorial Training I (E3) History, philosophy, organizational structures, and operations of the museum as a sociocultural institution.
16:082:571German Expressionism (3) German expressionist art in the context of 19th- and 20th-century European modernism. Literary, philosophical, and psychological aspects considered. Marter, Spector
16:082:574Futurism (3) Impact of futurist art and theory in Italy, France, Russia, Germany, and Great Britain. Futurist manifestos and their importance to modernism. Marter
16:082:577Modern Sculpture (3) Major developments in European and American sculpture from 1880 to 1960. Beginning with Auguste Rodin and his impact on early modernists, and including sculpture produced in France, Germany, Italy, and the United States. Marter
16:082:580Cubism and Geometric Abstraction (3) Origins of cubism and links to cultural trends and scientific developments of the period. In addition to analytical and synthetic cubism, Russian constructivism, de Stijl, bauhaus art, and international constructivism examined. Marter
16:082:581Italian Baroque Sculpture (3) Major sculptors and trends in 17th-century Italian sculpture. Marder, Puglisi
16:082:582Seminar: East Asian Bibliography and Methods (3) Important sources for researching Chinese art. Howard. Required of students majoring in Asian studies.
16:082:583 Topics in East Asian Art History (3) Criteria of style and iconography for genuine Buddhist sculpture. Sculpture executed in different media (gilt bronze, stone, wood, and lacquer) and at different times. Howard
16:082:584Cortona and His Contemporaries (3) Painting in Rome and other key Italian centers from ca. 1620 to 1700, focusing on Pietro da Cortona and the other major artists of his generation who defined Italian High Baroque art. Puglisi
16:082:595,596Curatorial Internship I,II (E3,E3) Internships tailored to the individual`s special interest areas. Must complete both courses to receive credit. Prerequisites: 16:082:563 and permission of program director.
16:082:597,598Teaching Apprenticeship (N1.5,N1.5)
16:082:599Curatorial Internship III (E3) Internship tailored to the individual`s special interest areas. Prerequisites: Completion of 16:082:563 and permission of instructor.
16:082:601,602Special Topics in Art History (3,3)
16:082:612Problems in Ancient Art (Early Greek Architectural Sculpture) (3) Seminar on the problems of the origins of the early Greek architectural orders and the kind of sculpture used to decorate those orders. Kenfield
16:082:615Lysippos and the Beginnings of Hellenistic Sculpture (3) Seminar on the careers of Lysippos and the members of his school and their paramount importance to the development of Hellenistic sculpture. Kenfield
16:082:620Problems in Early Christian and Byzantine Art (3) Seminar focusing on a specific medium such as ivory carving, a specific problem such as cultural context, or a specific period such as the Macedonian Renaissance. Harvey
16:082:622Problems in Medieval Art (3) Seminar with specialized focus on varied topics such as cycles on carved doors, on reliquaries, or in monumental painting.
16:082:624Donatello (3) Seminar on Donatello`s career: his formation; his influence on his contemporaries such as Masaccio, Desiderio, and altar artists like Verrocchio and Michelangelo. McHam
16:082:630Problems in Italian Renaissance Painting (3) Seminar on various topics in Italian painting from 1400 to 1500 such as patronage, gender studies, iconography, work of an individual artist, and cultural context. Goffen
16:082:632Problems in Early Italian Painting (3) Seminar on various topics such as the relation of art and literature; mendicant spirituality; public and private patronage; specialized study of such masters as Giotto, the Lorenzetti, and Paolo da Venezia. Goffen
16:082:634The High Renaissance (3) Seminar on various topics in Italian art from 1480 to 1600, such as cultural context, patronage, specialized study of one artist`s career, the Mannerist crisis, and art theory in painting and sculpture. Goffen
16:082:635Problems in Later Renaissance Art (3) Topics in Italian painting, 1500 to 1600, involving patronage, gender studies, iconography, works of an individual artist, and/or cultural context. McHam
16:082:636Titian (3) Titian`s career considered in the context of 16th-century society, focusing on his stylistic and thematic innovations in sacred and secular art, notably his depiction of women. Goffen
16:082:640Problems in Northern Baroque Art (3) Seminar emphasizing either specific centers of art production or iconographic issues.
16:082:641Problems in Baroque Art of Italy and Spain (3) Seminar on topics related to the leading artists of the period. Matters of style, iconography, religious and political contexts, patronage, and cultural milieu considered. Marder, Puglisi
16:082:643Problems in 18th-Century Art (3) Topics related to leading artists of the period, with a primary focus on French art: genre painting and exoticism, the use of drawings, patronage.
16:082:646Seventeenth-Century Patrons and Patronage (3) Seminar examining the evolving roles of collectors and art dealers, the social context of art collecting, and its impact on artists.
16:082:650Northern Romanticism (3) Seminar on specialized topics.
16:082:653Problems in 19th-Century Painting (3) Seminar on special topics in 19th-century painting: one or more major figures, landscape, art and literature, art criticism. Bellion, Spector
16:082:654Nineteenth-Century French Graphics (3) Seminar based on the Zimmerli Art Museum`s 19th-century graphic arts collection. Cate
16:082:655Problems in 20th-Century Art (3) Seminar on special topics in painting and/or sculpture. Marter
16:082:656Problems in American Art (3) Aspects of American art. Bellion, Yanni
16:082:657Problems in Modern Art (3) Seminar on special topics in 20th-century painting: surrealism, t he psychology of art, theories of criticism (psychoanalytic, feminist, semiotic). Spector, Yanni
16:082:660Problems in Modern American Art (3) Seminar on specialized topics.
16:082:697,698Exhibition Seminar (3,3) Seminar on research problems and on relevant aspects of the exhibition`s ongoing development. An exhibition seminar normally is available at least once a year.
16:082:699Nonthesis Study (1)
16:082:701,702Research in Art History (BA,BA)
16:082:705Research Proposal in Art History (BA) Preparation of dissertation proposal. Students must have completedall course work and have scheduled their qualifying examination. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
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