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  The Graduate School of Education 2022-2024 Courses Ph.D. in Higher Education Courses (16:507)  

Ph.D in Higher Education Courses (16:507)

For the most recent, and often more detailed, course descriptions from most recent course offerings, please see
16:507:500 The Study and Practice of Higher Education (3) Overview of higher education as a field of study and a profession.
16:507:510 Higher Education Structures and Governance (3) Reviews the roles of individuals, constituencies, and organizations in governing public and private colleges and universities. Analyzes roles of faculty, students, staff, administrators, governing boards, and governmental entities.
16:507:515 Diversity and Multiculturalism in Higher Education (3) Examination of theoretical and empirical literature on race, class, and gender in higher education structures, policies, and practices. Issues include admissions, affirmative action policies, sexual harassment, higher education access, financial aid, and minority-serving college and universities.
16:507:520 Higher Education Law (3) A survey of significant laws, court opinions, and regulations affecting public and private colleges and universities. Includes student and faculty contract and constitutional rights, federal regulations of research, federal student aid, and intellectual property.
16:507:521 Academic Personnel and the Law (3) Focuses on legal issues related to the employment of faculty and staff. Addresses the search and hiring process, mentoring and evaluation, promotion and tenure decision-making, post-tenure review, and dismissal for cause. Also addresses academic freedom, research misconduct, and professional ethics.
16:507:525 Economics and Finance of Higher Education (3) Economic and financial concepts, models of higher education. Analysis of structure and development, public and private sectors. Relation to access and accessibility. Disruptive technological change is a focus.
16:507:530 Higher Education Leadership (3) An introduction to leadership theory, research, and practices in higher education settings with an emphasis on the distinctive organizational characteristics of colleges and universities.
16:507:535 History of Higher Education in the United States (3) This course examines competing historical explanations for the rise and evolution of higher learning in the United States, from colonial times to present with particular attention to social class, religion, gender, and race.
16:507:550 Field Experience in Higher Education (1-3) A guided, project-oriented practicum experience supervised by a faculty member and the site supervisor plus a seminar class focused on experiential learning with research practice or research policy focuses.
Prerequisite: Permission of major adviser.
16:507:611,612,613,614 Special Topics in Higher Education (BA,BA,BA,BA) Focused study of selected issues, trends, or policies pertinent to higher education. Topics and instructors will vary from one academic semester to another.
16:507:630 The Research University in the United States (3) Examines many of the most important issues and opportunities facing research universities in the United States today. Topics include the universities' origins, purposes, and distinguishing characteristics; systems of governance and finance; and undergraduate, graduate, and professional education.
16:507:635 International and Comparative Higher Education (3) Models, purposes, and contexts of higher education in non-U.S countries and regions. Inter-institutional partnerships and transnational collaborations; international scholars and students.
16:507:640 Postsecondary Learning and Teaching (3) Pedagogical models, adult learning theories, and assessment of student learning. Students will compare and critique relevant paradigms and models and explore implications of contemporary research and trends for colleges and universities.
16:507:645 The Community College Sector (3) American community colleges' origins and evolution; models of governance; multiple institutional missions and stakeholders; and diverse student goals and needs. Contemporary challenges and opportunities.
16:507:695 Research and Dissertation Seminar (3) Preparation of dissertation proposal and structured exploration of funding sources for dissertation study and subsequent research. Students must have completed the majority of all coursework and, at a minimum, be in the process of qualifying for candidacy.
Prerequisites: Instructor approval and permission of major adviser required.
16:507:701,702 Research in Higher Education (BA,BA) Dissertation study.
16:507:811 Graduate Fellowship (0)
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