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  The Graduate School of Education 2022-2024 Doctor of Education (Ed.D) Programs - For Students Entering in or subsequent to 2010 Concentration in Education, Culture, and Society  

Concentration in Education, Culture, and Society

Coordinator: Tanja Sargent (848-932-0732; email:

This concentration is designed to attract a diverse cohort of students who desire systematic and rigorous advanced study of theoretical and practical issues of social, racial, and educational equity. The intended audiences for this concentration include school and higher education leaders, educational organizers, policy makers, teachers, and community-based (nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations) educators and leaders. Students in this concentration will be challenged to understand and draw on sociocultural and critical theories and research effectively in meeting problems of practice related to equity and social justice.


Core Courses (24 credits)

15:255:611  Leadership I: Leadership in Schools and Communities (3)

15:255:612  Leadership II: Change Process (3)

15:255:615  Social Contexts I: Sociocultural Foundations of Education (3)

15:255:617  Social Contexts II: History of School Reform in America (3)

15:255:606  Learners and Learning I: Key Principles of Learning (3)

15:255:607  Learners and Learning II: Adult Learning and Training (3)

15:255:603  Inquiry I: Introduction to Methods and Uses of Inquiry (3)

15:255:602  Inquiry II: Program Evaluation (3)

Required Concentration Courses (9 credits)

Required of all students

15:310:551 Education and Society (3)

Two courses from among the following:

15:230:609  Leading for Social Justice (3)

15:257:569  Making Citizens: Civic Identity, Learning, and Action (3)

15:310:503  Comparative Education (3)

15:310:512  Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality in Education (3)

15:310:540  Gender and Education (3)

15:310:542  Urban Education (3)

15:310:561  History of African-American Education (3)

15:310:568  Migration, Globalization, and Education (3)

15:310:569  Queer Issues in Schools (3)

16:300:541  Economics of Education (3)

16:507:535  History of Higher Education (3)

Methods Courses (6 credits)

16:300:509 Qualitative Research Methods I (3)

16:300:513 Qualitative Research Methods II (3)

OR by advisement from among the following alternate options:

15:291:531  Statistics I (3)

16:300:515  ANOVA (3)

15:291:532  Statistics II (3)

16:300:519  Regression (3)

16:920:541  Statistical Methods in Sociology I (3)

16:300:511  Quantitative Methods I (3)

16:920:542  Statistical Methods in Sociology II (3)

16:300:647  Historical Research Methods (3)

15:230:615  Assessment, Data, and Problem-Solving (3)

Three electives from within or outside the Graduate School of Education (9 credits)

Dissertation (24 credits)

For additional information, contact RU-info at 848-445-info (4636) or
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