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  Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology 2009-2011 Degrees Conferred, Dissertations October 2007–May 2009  

Degrees Conferred, Dissertations, October 2007-May 2009

Following each student's name is the dissertation title and the name of the dissertation advisers.

Doctor of Psychology

Ana Isabel Acosta - Clinical Psychology
Development of a Program Evaluation Plan for the Canary Islands' Mental Health Services
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Miriam A. Alonzo* - Clinical Psychology
Understanding the Role of Language in the Psychotherapeutic Process: Exploring the Bilingual Clinician's Linguistic Experience
Advisers: Karen Riggs-Skean and Peter Guarnaccia

Edward B. Altwies** - Clinical Psychology
Myself, In Context: An Experiential Workshop for Undergraduate Students
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Robin Lang

Melissa Morgan Anderson - School Psychology
Formative Evaluation of a Summer Social Skills Program
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Lewis Gantwerk

Diana Antinoro - Clinical Psychology
The Influences of Parenting Behaviors on Youth Anxiety
Advisers: Brian Chu, Sandra L. Harris and Mary Jane Weiss

Tal Astrachan* - Clinical Psychology
Agency in Relational Psychoanalysis: Can Psychoanalysis Still Set Us Free?
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams and Karen Riggs Skean

Maria M. Bardash* - School Psychology
Needs Assessment of Adolescent Outpatient Mental Health Services: Factors Related to Treatment Engagement and Retention
Advisers: Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Kenneth Schneider

Aldean Rose-Marie Beaumont  - School Psychology
Black Male Graduates of Urban High Schools in New Jersey: An Exploratory Study
Advisers: Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Norbert Wetzel

James Bender Jr.* - Clinical Psychology
Emotion Regulation Deficits in Older Adults with Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Advisers: Jan Mohlman and Donald Morgan

Julie E. Callaghan - School Psychology
The Design of a Program for Wait-Listed Caregivers of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and Russell Kormann

Amber Ronai Cargill - Clinical Psychology
An Exploratory Study of Race and Success Factors Associated with Black Male Student Athletes in a NCAA Division 1 University Context
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Lolalyn Oletta Clarke - Clinical Psychology
Effects of a School-Based Adult Mentoring Intervention on Low Income, Urban High School Freshmen Judged to be at Risk for Dropout: a Replication and Extension
Advisers: Brenna H. Bry and Valerie Johnson

Angela Marie Curry - School Psychology
Integrating Program Process and Outcome: A Program Evaluation Using the Logic Model Framework
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Bradford Lerman

Harry J. Dellane - Organizational Psychology
A Systems Perspective on the Complexity of Employee Group Membership and Sexual Identity in the Workplace
Advisers: Cary Cherniss and Clayton P. Alderfer

Lauren Brooke Elkinson - School Psychology
The Design of a Lunchtime Relational Aggression Prevention Program Targeting Elementary School Aged Females
Advisers: Karen Haboush and Maurice Elias

Corey Lee Fenstemacher - Organizational Psychology
The Experiences of Adult "Only Children" at Work
Advisers: Karen Riggs Skean and Michele Ballet

Jessica Kimberly Floyd - Clinical Psychology
Former Foster Care Individuals' Experiences of Racial/Ethnic Socialization and Identity Development: An Exploratory Study
Advisers: Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Robin Lang

Rebecca W. Giagnacova - Clinical Psychology
A Qualitative Study of Health Educators' Perspectives on Educating African-American Adolescent Females about the Health Risks of Adolescent Sex
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Robin Lang

Kevin F. Gillette - Clinical Psychology
Therapist Ratings of Therapeutic Alliance and Their Connections to Psychotherapy Outcome
Advisers: Karen Riggs Skean and J. Christopher Muran

Jennifer Lauren Greenberg - Clinical Psychology
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Body Dysmorphic Disorder in Adolescents: Development of a Team Protocol
Advisers: G. Terence Wilson and Michael Petronko

Graham Jeffrey Hartke - School Psychology
Psychology for High School Performing Artists: The Design, Implementation, and Formative Evaluation of a Scholastic Performance Psychology Program
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Lewis Gantwerk

Scott D. Hirose** - School Psychology
Analysis of Psychodynamic Interventions in the Treatment of a Child Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Advisers: Saralea Chazan, Nancy McWilliams and Barbara Menzel

Jana M. Horowitz* - Clinical Psychology
Meeting the Needs of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Mental Retardation Who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender: Are We There Yet?
Advisers: Michael Petronko and Russell Kormann

Patrick Jean-Pierre - Organizational Psychology
What Makes a Man? An Exploratory Study on Manhood within a University Setting
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Treston W. Knight - Organizational Psychology
Black Males Managing Managers: Their Unique Dilemmas of Middleness
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Greta Lynne Kugler - Clinical Psychology
Professional Practices Utilized by Psychologists and Performance Enhancement Specialists in Their Work with Performing Artists
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Lewis Gantwerk

Leah M. Lagos - Clinical Psychology
A Manual for Implementing Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback with Collegiate Athletes
Advisers: Robert Pandina and Marsha Bates

Erica Cheryl Lander - School Psychology
Making Manners Matter: A Manual of Manners Assessment and Curriculum Targeted to the Fourth Grade Classes at Everytown Elementary
Advisers: Maurice Elias and Lewis Gantwerk

Tamara Latawiec - Clinical Psychology
When the Professional is Personal: How Psychology Trainees Experience and Address Disturbing Countertransference, with Implications for Supervision and Professional and Personal Growth
Advisers: Karen Riggs Skean and Gordon Boals

Laurie Lewis* - Clinical Psychology
Utilization of the Program Planning and Evaluation of Framework to Design a Prenatal Exercise and Social Support Group Program for Pregnant Women Who are Depressed or At-Risk for Depression in an Urban Context
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Gerard Costa

Margaret Lundrigan* - School Psychology
Interactive Behavioral Therapy with Intellectually Disabled Persons with Psychiatric Disorders: A Pragmatic Case Study
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and Nancy Razza

Kevin R. Lynn* - School Psychology
Evaluating Potential Obstacles to Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect by Educators in a Suburban Public School District
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Maurice Elias

Amanda H. Martin - Clinical Psychology
An Exploratory Study of Self-Care and Wellness in Early Career Female Psychologists
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Karen Riggs Skean

Talia Miriam Master - Clinical Psychology
The Link Between Moral Anger and Social Activism: An Exploratory Study
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Jason Scott Mayer* - Clinical Psychology
The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Stress Inoculation Training Program at a Residential Training Center
Advisers: Daniel Fishman and Donald Morgan

Johanna Fain Morrow - School Psychology
An Evaluation of a Program to Decrease Disproportionate Representation of Racial and Ethnic Minority Students in Special Education
Advisers: Susan G. Forman and Lewis Gantwerk

Jill Marie O'Hare - School Psychology
Utilizing a Program Planning and Evaluation Framework to Educate General Education Eighth Grade Students about Various Disabilities: Promoting Acceptance and Tolerance From a Cultural Diversity Perspective
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and Lucinda Seares-Monica

Tovah Leigh Ornstein - Organizational Psychology
The Fluidity of Middle Management: An Embedded Intergroup Relations Perspective on Organizational Middleness
Advisers: Ruth Orenstein and Bradford Lerman

Mark J. Palmieri* - Clinical Psychology
Classroom Based Functional Analysis: A Model for Assessing Challenging Behaviors within the Classroom Environment
Advisers: Sandra L. Harris and Robert LaRue

Igda Enelia Martínez Pincay* - Clinical Psychology
Latino Perspectives on the Treatment of Depression: An Exploratory Study
Advisers: Peter Guarnaccia and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

James E. Porter* - School Psychology
A Training Program to Address the Management of Students with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in a Residential Vocational and Academic Setting
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and Karen Riggs Skean

Zenia Ruby - School Psychology
An Analysis of Special Education Out of District Placement Decisions in One New Jersey County
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and Nancy Fagley

Sadia Saleem** - Clinical Psychology
An Exploratory Study of Clinicians' Perceptions of South Asian Immigrants in Therapy
Advisers: Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Lewis Gantwerk

Said Shehadeh* - Clinical Psychology
A Psychoanalytic Exploration into the Arab Self and Implications for Therapy with Arabs in the United States
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Yael Rachel Shemesh - School Psychology
I Get By with A Little Help from My Friends: A Survey of Teachers' Perception of Administrative Support and their Attitudes Toward Inclusion in New Jersey
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and Lucinda Seares-Monica

Robert Nolan Stroud - Organizational Psychology
The Relationship between Leadership Competence and Employee Engagement
Advisers: Nancy Fagley and Cary Cherniss

Christopher Smith - Clinical Psychology
The Tourette Syndrome Primer for Therapists
Advisers: Shalonda Kelly and Brenna H. Bry

Rebecca L. Starck** - Clinical Psychology
An Exploratory Study of the Experiences and Attitudes of Orthodox Jewish Women in Psychotherapy: Three Case Studies
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Priyanka Upadhyaya - Clinical Psychology
An Assessment of the Needs and Barriers Experienced by South Asian Immigrants in Accessing Social, Educational and Healthcare Services Using a Program Planning and Evaluation Approach
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Renee Marie Vieira - Organizational Psychology
Exploring the Relationship between Emotional Competence and Leadership Performance in Corporate Managers
Advisers: Cary Cherniss and Nancy Fagley

Kalenah Witcher * School Psychology
African American Kinship Caregivers' Experiences with Parenting and Their Children's Schools: An Exploratory Study
Advisers:  Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Brenna H. Bry

Svetlana Yedreshteyn - Organizational Psychology
A Qualitative Investigation of the Implementation of an Internal Executive Coaching Program in a Global Corporation, Grounded in Organizational Psychology Theory
Advisers: Charles Maher and Ruth Orenstein

Guldeniz Yucelen* - Clinical Psychology
Systems of Care and the Psychological Needs of Children Orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Kenya: An Exploratory Study
Advisers: Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Lewis Gantwerk

Rose Antoinette Zayco - Clinical Psychology
Asian American Cultural Values, Loss of Face, and Self-Concealment as Predictors of Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help
Advisers: Brian Chu and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

*    October graduate
**   Jaunary graduate

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