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  Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology 2007-2009 Degrees Conferred, Dissertations, October 2004-May 2007  

Degrees Conferred, Dissertations, October 2004-May 2007

Following each student's name is the dissertation title and the name of the dissertation committee chair.

Doctor of Psychology

Michele R. Ballet* - Organizational Psychology
The Experiences of Next Generation Siblings in Family Businesses: An Exploratory Study
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Clifford E. Barneman* - School Psychology
A Mental Health Needs Assessment of a Small Rural Community and Program Design for a School-Based Youth Services Program
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider, Lucinda Seares-Monica, and Stanley B. Messer

Jessica L. Welt Betensky - School Psychology
The R.A.F.T.-- Recovery after Family Trauma: A Manual for a Group Psychotherapy Intervention for Children and Families Experiencing Traumatic Grief
Advisers: Barbara Menzel and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Oren Blass* - Clinical Psychology
Respect for Clients in Therapeutic Relationships: A Phenomenological Study
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams and Lewis Gantwerk

James R. Bott* - Clinical Psychology
The Concept of Aggression in the Work of Freud, Klein and Winnicott
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams and Lewis Gantwerk

Jaime Bratspies** - School Psychology
Needs Assessment and Development of a Guide Educating Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Included Classrooms: A Practical Training Guide for Elementary School Teachers
Advisers: Kenneth C. Schneider and Sandra L. Harris

Michael B. Brooke* - Clinical Psychology
Service Marketing for a Psychotherapy Practice: A Client and Employee Retention Approach
Advisers: John Kalafat, Lewis Gantwerk, and Donald Morgan

Brenton J. Burke - Organizational Psychology
Working for the Family: A Study of the Family and Nonfamily Manager Subgroups in Family Business Management Teams
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer and Michele R. Ballet

Jamilla T. Butler - School Psychology
A Program Evaluation of an Early Intervention Program in an Urban School
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Stella Castelli* - School Psychology
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders across the Lifespan: A Series of Case Illustrations with Implications for Professional Psychologists
Advisers: Lucinda Seares-Monica, Kenneth C. Schneider, and Susan Adubato

Po Yee Chiu - Organizational Psychology
A Model of Indecisiveness: The Impact of Psychological, Demographic, Decision-Specific, and Situational Factors on Indecisiveness
Advisers: Nancy Fagley and Cary Cherniss

Nancy C. Coba - Clinical Psychology
The Latina Values Scale: Translation and Cultural Adaptation

Advisers: Peter J. Guarnaccia and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Jonathan D. Cordell** - Organizational Psychology
Toward an Understanding of Mental and Emotional Skills Needs of Marathon Runners
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Kenneth C. Schneider

Margaret Mary Courtney* - School Psychology
The Characterization of Supports and Barriers to the Implementation of School-Based Youth Services Programs in New Jersey
Advisers: John Kalafat and Maurice Elias

Jennifer Cyr** - Organizational Psychology
Emotional Intelligence as Predictor of Performance in College Courses
Advisers: Cary Cherniss and Lewis Gantwerk

Rosemarie Helen Daly - School Psychology
An Investigation of the Relationship between Measures of Social Bonding, School Climate, and School Experiences and Student Performance in an Alternative Secondary School for Classified Students
Advisers: John Kalafat and Maurice Elias

Kim Darlene Davenport - Clinical Psychology
An Exploration of the Sojourn Experiences of Thai International Students and Implications for Psychotherapeutic Counseling
Advisers: Donald Morgan and Kenneth G. Roy

Mary Ellen DiCataldo** - School Psychology
A Team Approach to Program Evaluation: Linking Program Evaluation to Program Planning for a School-Based Mentoring Program
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Lucinda Seares-Monica

Elizabeth Margaret Doerrbecker - School Psychology
Loss of Sexual Identity and an Associated Future: A Qualitative Study with Gay Males
Advisers: John Kalafat and Maurice Elias

David Jay Fischer - Clinical Psychology
Video Modeling to Reduce Challenging Behaviors in Individuals Diagnosed with Autistic Disorder
Advisers: Sandra L. Harris and Lara Delmolino-Gatley

Edmund Barry Freeman* - Organizational Psychology
Caring Beyond Boundaries: A Case Study Using Social Defense Theory and Embedded Inter-Group Relations Theory
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer, Larry Hirschhorn, and Ruth Orenstein

Christina Isana Garcia* - Clinical Psychology
Parental/Caregiver Help-Seeking Behavior for their Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance
Advisers: James Walkup and Philip Yanos

Hector A. Garcia - Clinical Psychology
MMDA and the Disinhibition of Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviors: An Internet-Based Study
Advisers: James Langenbucher and Erich Labouvie

Melissa J. Gartenberg - Clinical Psychology
A Study of the Role of Psychologists Practicing in Long-Term Care
Advisers: Daniel B. Fishman and Lee Hyer

Hannah Sterns Gordon** - Organizational Psychology
Men and Women's Perceptions of the Climate for Creativity in Male-Dominated and Female-Dominated Work Environments
Advisers: Cary Cherniss and Ruth Orenstein

Shannon Gould - Clinical Psychology
Management of Challenging Behaviors among Dementia Residents: A Case Study in Needs Assessment and Program Design
Advisers: Daniel B. Fishman and Lee Hyer

Lauren Marlena Gross** - School Psychology
Needs Assessment and Development of a Manual for Psychologists and Psychologists in Training on Gang Awareness, Prevention and Other Psychological Issues Concerning Gang Involvement
Advisers: Kenneth C. Schneider and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Naomi H. Gross* - Clinical Psychology
Helping Mothers Cope with Stress during the Maintenance Phase of Treatment for their Child's Leukemia: Three Pragmatic Case Studies
Advisers: Daniel B. Fishman, Nancy Boyd-Franklin, and Norman J. Fried

Claire Haiman* - Clinical Psychology
Bridging the Split: Integrating Psychodynamic and Body Centered Therapies
Advisers: Karen Riggs Skean and Gordon Boals

Cynthia V. Haines - Clinical Psychology
An Evaluation of the Proximal Outcomes of a School-Based Suicide Awareness Program: Changes in Knowledge, Attitudes, and Responses to Analog Scenarios
Advisers: John Kalafat and Brian Chu

Lisa G. Henry* - Organizational Psychology
An Embedded Intergroup Relations Approach to Understanding the Effects of Race on Salary Expectations of Black Undergraduates
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Thomas Hildebrandt - Clinical Psychology
Peer Influence on Self-Report of Physical Attractiveness between Genders
Advisers: James Langenbucher and G. Terence Wilson

Tanya L. Holland - Clinical Psychology
A Theoretical Model for a Prison Nursery Based on Infant Mental Health Principles
Advisers: Gerard Costa and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Barbara S. Irwin* - School Psychology
Parents of Preschool Students with Disabilities: The Role of Schools in Understanding and Meeting Their Needs
Advisers: Kenneth P. Schneider and Lucinda Seares-Monica

Debra Lynn Johnson* - School Psychology
Alphacare: A Family Based Training Program for Foster Parents Living with and Caring for Sexually Abused Children
Advisers: David M. Brodzinsky and Robin Lang

Kristen Marie Jones - School Psychology
An Examination of Stress and Coping among Youth and High School Sport Coaches
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Kenneth C. Schneider

Amelia Gaia Hollander Kaplan - Clinical Psychology
Listening to the Body: Pragmatic Case Studies of Body-Centered Psychotherapy
Advisers: Daniel B. Fishman and Stanley B. Messer

Stephanie Alpert Klingsburg - Organizational Psychology
The In-Basket Exercise and its Contributions to Assessment Center Methodology
Advisers: Cary Cherniss and Nancy Fagley

Monica Marianne Knopf - Organizational Psychology
Exploring the Culture of a Virtual-Community: A Study of an Online Cancer Support Group
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Cary Cherniss

Rebecca Jeanne Lamberth - School Psychology
Sport Psychology in the Schools: The Process of Designing and Implementing Scholastic Sport Psychology Programs at the Secondary Level
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Lewis Gantwerk

David A. Lane* - Clinical Psychology
Pragmatic Case Studies Integrating Short-Term Psychodynamic Therapy and Mindfulness Interventions
Advisers: Daniel B. Fishman, Stanley B. Messer, and Donald Morgan

Suzanne Elizabeth Lee - School Psychology
The Racial Socialization of African-American Children: An Examination of the Racial and Educational Socialization Practices of Married African-American Parents and Its Impact on the Racial and Academic Development of their Children
Advisers: Shalonda Kelly and Kenneth C. Schneider

Gianna M. Locascio - School Psychology
Childhood Psychopathology: Relations to Neuropsychology, Neuroanatomy and Family History
Advisers: Marsha E. Bates, Kenneth C. Schneider, and Jennifer F. Buckman

Renee Anne Lomangino** - Organizational Psychology
The Influence of Parallel Processes on Training Design
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Ruth Orenstein

Julian L. Manetti-Cusa* - Clinical Psychology
Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms in Latino Primary Care Patients: A Descriptive Analysis of Psychiatric Comorbidity and the Association of Physical Symptoms with Psychopathology and Physical Impairment
Advisers: Peter J. Guarnaccia, Nancy Boyd-Franklin, and Michael Gara

Katherine A. Martinez* - Clinical Psychology
Stress and Stress Vulnerability: A Review of the Generic Stress Literature with a Developmentally Disabled Population toward Integration and Synchrony
Advisers: Michael Petronko and John Kalafat

Courtney Jill Popaca Matthaei - School Psychology
The Implementation and Evaluation of a School-Based Multicultural Program: Without Exposure Can Children Gain Awareness, Acceptance, and Tolerance?
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and Charles A. Maher

Heather Barbara McGarry* - School Psychology
An Investigation into the Current State of School-To-Career Transition Programs for New Jersey Public Middle School Students with Disabilities
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Kenneth Schneider

Erick Alexei Medina* - Clinical Psychology
Play and Truth: Hermeneutics and Psychoanalysis in Dialogue
Advisers: Karen Riggs Skean, Donald P. Spence, and Louis A. Sass

Jennifer E. Melerski* - Clinical Psychology
Trauma, Coping, and Functioning in a Sample of Rescue Workers 34 to 39 Months after September 11th
Advisers: John Kalafat and Michael Petronko

Tracy A. Menzie - School Psychology
Emotional Intelligence and Social and Academic Competence in Middle School Youth
Advisers: Maurice Elias and Charles A. Maher

Christopher Lawrence Mesopotanese* - School Psychology
A Parent Training Program for Parents of Children with Autism: Training for Generalization of Skills from Instructional Sessions to Daily Life
Advisers: Sandra L. Harris and Kenneth Schneider

Tania Mara Miller - Clinical Psychology
A Qualitative Treatment Study Integrating Short-Term Dynamic Therapy and Yoga for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression
Advisers: Stanley B. Messer and Donald Morgan

Aaron L. Mishara* - Clinical Psychology
The Neuropsychology of Time-Perception in Schizophrenia: Evidence for a Core Deficit
Advisers: Charles R. Gallistel, Sandra L. Harris, and James Walkup

Nydia Yvette Monagas** - Clinical Psychology
Social Support and Adjustment over Time in a Sample of Sexually Abused Latino Children
Advisers: Candice Feiring and Brenna H. Bry

Sara Murray - Clinical Psychology
The Relationship of the Significant Other to the Therapeutic Change Process
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams and Lewis Gantwerk

Kimberly Alice Nenemay - Clinical Psychology
An Exploratory Study of Tribal Membership, Blood Quantum, and Identity among the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe of Western Montana
Adviers: Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Brenna H. Bry

Jeffrey S.C. Ng** - Clinical Psychology
Sexuality and Psychotherapy: An Exploratory Study of the Subjectivities of Psychotherapists with Experience and Expertise in Working with Sexuality
Advisers: Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Lewis Gantwerk, and Raymond Rosen

Deirdre O'Malley - School Psychology
Needs Assessment and Development of a Manual for Child Study Team Members on How to Identify, Assess, and Treat Children with Traumatic Brain Injury
Advisers: Kenneth C. Schneider and Lucinda Seares-Monica

Bibiana Graciela Ortiz-Levine** - Clinical Psychology
Incorporating Mental Health into the Primary Health Care of Young Children and Their Families: An Assessment of the Training Needs of Pediatric Occupational Therapists Working in Early Intervention and the Proposed Use of Filial (Family Play) Therapy to Address Their Clients' Mental Health Needs
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Robin Lang

Jennifer Lynn Perry - Clinical Psychology
Children Who Have Lost a Father in the Line of Duty: An Exploratory Study of Coping and Resiliency Contributions from Internal and External Supports
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Barbara Menzel

Andrea Marie Quinn - Clinical Psychology
Development of a Program Evaluation Plan for a University-Based Mental Health Service Project for Foster Care Children and Families
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and John Kalafat

Richelle Marie Reyes** - Organizational Psychology
Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling: An Exploratory Study of Filipino-American Senior Executive Experiences
Advisers: Ruth Orenstein and Daniel B. Fishman

Karla Adams Rivera* - School Psychology
Academically High Achieving African-American Students: An Exploratory Study of a Middle-Class Sample
Advisers: John Kalafat and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Kenneth Brian Robin* - School Psychology
The Effects of Extended-Day, Extended-Year Preschool on Learning in Literacy and Mathematics
Advisers: W. Steven Barnett and Kenneth C. Schneider

Cornelia W. Roche* - Organizational Psychology
A Validation Study of the Intergroup Empathy Questionnaire
Advisers: Cary Cherniss and Clayton P. Alderfer

Amanda Esther Rose - Organizational Psychology
An Exploratory Study of High Achieving Women's Definition of Success
Advisers: Cary Cherniss and Lewis Gantwerk

Scott Aaron Roth - School Psychology
Decision Making, Organizational Structure, Leadership, and the Educational Placement of Students with Special Needs: A Qualitative Case Analysis
Advisers: Kenneth C. Schneider and Lewis Gantwerk

Stephanie L. Rubain - Clinical Psychology
The Development of a Home-Based Family Intervention Manual
Advisers: Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Brenna H. Bry

Melissa L. Scherzer - School Psychology
An Evaluability Assessment of a Preschool Program in a Public School for Children on the Autistic Spectrum
Advisers: Kenneth C. Schneider and Karen Haboush

Susan Schnur** - Clinical Psychology
Fraternity Hazing: A Multi-Perspective Analysis of a Universal Phenomenon
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams and Seth Warren

Sarika Seth* - Clinical Psychology
Walking the Tightrope: A Phenomenological Exploration of Second-Generation Asian Indian Male Experience
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams and Anita McLean

Janear Sewell - Organizational Psychology
Mentors Black and White: Examining the Developmental Relationships of African-American Professional Women Protégés
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer and Flora Taylor

Joshua Ari Slater - Clinical Psychology
New Jersey Psychologists' Knowledge of and Attitudes towards Involuntary Commitment of Sex Offenders
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Monica Indart

Yasemin Sohtorik* - Clinical Psychology
Assessing the Needs for Mental Health Services among Turkish Immigrants in the United States
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams, Monica Indart, and Lewis Gantwerk

Virginia Gail Stillson - Organizational Psychology
Case Study of Participation and Perceptions of Wheelchair Athletes in Wheelchair Sports
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Lewis Gantwerk

Rachel Strohl - Clinical Psychology
Immediate and Intermediate Changes in Suicidality among Callers to Telephone Crisis Services
Advisers: John Kalafat, Brenna H. Bry, and Madelyn Gould

Julie Elizabeth Surbaugh - Clinical Psychology
What is the Experience Really Like? A Qualitative Research Study on Egg Donor Recipiency Following Age-Related Infertility
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Karen Riggs Skean

Kinya L. Swanson** - Clinical Psychology
An Exploratory Study of High-Achieving, Professional, Single, African-American Women and Their Quest For Education, Career, Marriage, and Motherhood
Advisers: Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Kenneth C. Schneider

Luciene Sant'Anna Takagi - Clinical Psychology
An Exploratory Study of the Experiences of Brazilian Female Immigrants Living in the USA
Advisers: Karen Riggs Skean and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Martha Temple* - Clinical Psychology
Experiences of Reality and Delusion in Schizophrenia
Advisers: Louis A. Sass and James Walkup

Elizabeth A. Wade - Clinical Psychology
Without Even Noticing, You Become What You See: An Exploration of the Adjustment and Acculturation Experiences of Latino Immigrant Teens
Advisers: Peter J. Guarnaccia and Kenneth C. Schneider

Kay-Megan Washington** - Clinical Psychology
Factors Contributing to Attrition and Placement Breakdown in Foster Care
Advisers: Shalonda Kelly and Robin Lang

Carol R. Wenzel-Rideout* - Clinical Psychology
Rorschach and the Histories of Art: On the Parallels between the Form-Perception Test and the Writings of Worringer and Wolfflin
Advisers: Louis A. Sass and Jack Spector

Mary Elizabeth Westhead* - School Psychology
Social-Emotional Assessment of Preschoolers in a Public School Setting
Advisers: Kenneth C. Schneider and Lucinda Seares-Monica

Cloey A. Wilcox - School Psychology
Needs Assessment and Development of a Bullying Prevention Program for Elementary School Students
Advisers: Kenneth C. Schneider and Margaret Cangelosi

Kirsten Stoldt Wittenborn* - Clinical Psychology
The Role of Collective Guilt in the Cultural Identity of German Expatriates: A Qualitative Study
Advisers: Louis A. Sass and Karen Riggs Skean

Maria Elena Xiques* - Clinical Psychology
Application of the Program Planning and Evaluation Framework to the Design of a Training Program for Direct Care Staff Serving Medically Ill Adults with Mental Retardation
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Michael Petronko

Ping Yao* - Clinical Psychology
Chinese Women and Gender: An Exploratory Study of Attitudes about Gender Roles
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams and Karen Riggs Skean

David Aaron Yusko* - Clinical Psychology
Collegiate Athletes and Substance Use: Developing a Prevention Program
Advisers: Robert J. Pandina and Helene R. White

Robert Andrew Zambrano - Clinical Psychology
Preferred Practices of Licensed Psychologists in the Treatment of Panic Disorder
Advisers: William Sanderson and Daniel B. Fishman

Michael C. Zarabi - School Psychology
The Impact of Inflammatory Bowel Disease on Student Functioning: A Resource Guide for Students, Parents, and School Personnel
Advisers: Kenneth C. Schneider and Lucinda Seares-Monica
Salaheddine Ziadeh* - Clinical Psychology
The Presence of Absence: Schizophrenic Voices in Light of Phenomenological Notions in Francophone Psychiatry
Advisers: Louis A. Sass and Karen Riggs Skean

*    October graduate
**   January graduate

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