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  Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology 2005-2007 Degrees Conferred, Dissertations October 2002– May 2004  

Degrees Conferred, Dissertations, October 2002-May 2004

Following each student`s name is the dissertation title and the name of the dissertation committee chairperson.

Doctor of Philosophy

Erain Applewhite: A Case Study of an Urban Elementary School Improvement Initiative Using An Adaptation of a Program Planning and Evaluation Framework
Advisers: Charles A. Maher and Kenneth Schneider

Kristen J. Aurelio: A Program Evaluation of a School-Based Counseling Group for Elementary School Children
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and Karen Haboush

A. Margaret Bezmalinovic: Conduct Disorder in the United States: a Psychosocial and Service Utilization Profile
Advisers: James Walkup and Lynn Warner

Melissa Robin Brand: Caregiver Practices, Perceptions, and Understanding of Social and Emotional Learning in Children
Advisers: Charles Maher and Lew Gantwerk

David Brantley III: Introduction of African American and Latino Male Youth to Drug Dealing: a Search for Potential Points of Intervention
Advisers: Brenna H. Bry and John Kalafat

Leila Bremer: Spirituality as a Moderating Value in Facilitating the Association Between Coping and Social Functioning Among the Severely Mentally Ill
Advisers: James Walkup and Philip Yanos

Craig Matthew Callan: Current Practices in Psychoanalysis: the Disclosure of Autobiographical Information by Psychoanalysts to Their Patients
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams and Lew Gantwerk

Jacqueline Calle: The Negotiation of Autonomous Decision-Making with Respect to Family Among Professional Latinas
Advisers: John Kalafat and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Shandra Loise Cast: Impact of a Multicultural Literature Program on Students' Reading Habits and Attitudes Towards Reading
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and R. Brett Nelson

Gary William Dayton: The Paradox of Multiple Missions: an Evaluability Assessment of an Affirmative Business Program that Employs Persons with Serious Mental Illness
Advisers: Dan Fishman, Keneth Heckart, and Peter Campanelli

Peter Nicholas Denigris: Developing a Community-Based Intervention Model for Trauma-Affected Adolescents: A Case-Based Approach
Advisers: Daniel B. Fishman, Kenneth Schneider, and Monica Indart

Robert Emmerling: Cognitive and Affective Processes in Career Decision-Making: An Integrative Theory
Advisers: Nancy Fagley and Cary Cherniss

Annalisa Erba: Paradise Lost: Potential Long-Term Sequelae of Early Maternal Death in Two Exceptionally Creative People in History
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams and George Atwood

Jocelyn Fierstien: Patterns in Referrals to Child Study Teams: Contribution of Faculty`s White Racial Consciousness
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and Shalonda Kelly

Michelle Figliuolo: The Effects of Organizational Dynamics on the "Be Proactive" Program and its Evaluation
Advisers: Clayton Alderfer, Lewis Gantwerk, and Christine Truhe

Jason S. Fleming: A Pragmatic Case Study Evaluation of the Process of Juvenile Sexual Offender Treatment
Advisers: Daniel B. Fishman and Charles A. Maher

Marcha Prottas Flint: Comparison Between a Vaginal Estrogen Ring and Behavior Modification Technique in the Alleviation/Elimination of Urogenital Problems in Postmenopausal Women
Advisers: Gloria Bachman, Sandra Harris, and Sandra Leiblum

Paul Furtaw: Integrating Expertise, Influence, and Authorization: A Social-Developmental Model of Early-Career Clinical Psychologists` Professional Identity and Efficacy
Advisers: Clayton Alderfer, Nancy McWilliams, and Lewis Gantwerk

Rachel Golum: An Evaluability Assessment of a School-Based Group Counseling Program for African-American Female Students Living in an Urban Area of Predominantly Low-Income Status Families
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and Helen Strauss

Jan Alexandra Grayson: The Maternal Experience of Caring for an Adult with Autism: An Exploratory Study
Advisers: Sandra L. Harris and Kenneth Schneider

Blythe N. Grossberg: Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) in the Workplace
Advisers: Karen Riggs Skean, Kenneth Schneider, and Christine Truhe

Jana R. Miller Grotas: To Know Thyself: The Roles of Accuracy of Self-Assessment, Personality, and Cognitive Intelligence in Assessment Center Performance
Advisers: Cary Cherniss and John Kalafat

Kimelle S. Halaby: Variables Predicting Noncompliance with Short-Term Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Suicidal and Parasuicidal Adolescent
Advisers: Lew Gantwerk and Alec L. Miller

Audrey Stacy Halpern: A Comparison of Discrete Trial Instruction and Mand Training for Teaching Children with Autism to Make Requests
Advisers: Sandra Harris and Lara Delmolino

Christina L. Hamme: Group Emotional Intelligence: The Development and Testing of an Assessment Instrument
Advisers: Cary Cherniss and Lewis Gantwerk

Adrienne M. Bullock Harrison: African-American Adolescents' Academic Achievement
Advisers: Brenna Bry and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Joseph Robert Harvey: The Design of an Anger Management Program for Elementary School Students in a Self Contained Classroom
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and Brenna H. Bry

Brook Hersey: Changing Representations of Depression in Pharmaceutical Advertising: 1980-2000
Advisers: James Walkup and Karen Riggs Skean

Jonathan Huston-Wong: The Roles of Shame in Psychoanalytic Therapy for Adolescents: Theoretical Consideration
Advisers: Karen Riggs Skean and C. Seth Warren

Jamila Elisa Irons: An Exploratory Study of the Child Rearing Practices of African-American Mothers with Adolescent Daughters
Advisers: Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Nancy McWilliams

Brian Steven Jacobson: The Relation Between a Man's Sexual Orientation and How He Is Perceived By Others
Advisers: Nancy Fagley and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Daniel Benjamin Jacobson: Psychological and Religious Change of Orthodox Jewish Boys During a Post-High School Year of Study in an Israeli Yeshiva
Advisers: Lew Gantwerk and Nancy McWilliams

Mara J. Kailin: The Social Networks of Substance-Abusing and Non-Substance-Abusing Women in Welfare-To-Work in New Jersey
Advisers: Barbara McCrady, Brenna H. Bry, and Katherine H. McVeigh

David S. Kreiss: Case Studies of the Experiences of Students Referred for Problems of Disruptive and/or Aggressive Behavior to an Alternative High School Program
Advisers: Dan Fishman and Ken Schneider

Jin H. Lee: Korean-Americans in Psychotherapy: Inferences from Two Intensive Relational Psychodynamic Case Studies Advisers: Nancy McWilliams, Nancy Boyd-Franklin, and Thomas Johnson

Bradford C. Lerman: An Intergroup Perspective on Consulting with Synagogues: A Case Study
Advisers: Lewis Gantwerk and Ruth L. Orenstein

Thor Tembeya Mann: Developing Another Ear: Using Organic Metaphors to Understand Organizations
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer and Ruth Orenstein

Amanda K. Marshall: Mothers' Awareness of and Reactions to their Adult Child`s Excessive Drinking
Advisers: Barbara McCrady and Elizabeth E. Epstein

Michelle McNamara: Case Study of the Design, Implementation, and Formative Evaluation of a Program for Latino Children with Attention and Behavioral Needs and Their Caretakers
Advisers: Charles Maher and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Jauffmick Michel: Identity Development of Young Women from Haitian Immigrant Families in the United States: A Qualitative Exploratory Study
Advisers: Nancy McWilliams and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Erica Kim Minde: A Program Design Model for Teaching Typically Developing Elementary School Students about Physical and Developmental Disabilities: Promoting Acceptance Through Understanding and Interaction
Advisers: Ken Schneider and Sandra Harris

Kevin Carson Moore: How Are Friendships Sustained after One Friend Suffers a Psychotic Episode?
Advisers: James Walkup and Kenneth Roy

Lori A. Muffi: When Things Come Together: A Case Study of Interorganizational Collaboration
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer and Lew Gantwerk

R. David Mulligan: Assessment of Social and Emotional Competencies of Floor Covering Salespeople and Their Correlation with Sales Performance
Advisers: Cary Cherniss and Nancy Fagley

Stacy Elizabeth Philpot: An Exploratory Study of Family of Origin Influences on Individual Behavior at Work
Advisers: Lew Gantwerk and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

Melanie Francoise Podsiadlo: Social Defenses in a Large Community Mental Health Organization
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer and James Krantz

Rebecca J. Rabin: The Lithium Battlefield: Subjective Meanings and Intersubjective Contexts of Noncompliance
Advisers: Lew Gantwerk and Anna Ornstein

Donna Ricca: Emotional Intelligence, Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies, and Professional Burnout Among Police Officers
Advisers: Cary Cherniss and Sandra L. Harris

Tanya E. Romasz: Teaching Social and Emotional Learning through Literature: The Development and Pilot Implementation of a Tertiary Prevention Group Counseling Curriculum for Use with Young Urban Elementary Students Demonstrating Disruptive Classroom Behaviors
Advisers: Maurice Elias and Kenneth Schneider

Debra L. Roquet: Toward the DSM-V: an Examination of a Withdrawal Gate Model for Alcohol Abuse and Dependence at the Item and Algorithm Level
Advisers: James Langenbucher and Erick Labouvie

Erin E. Schmidt: A Program Design Model for Promoting Social and Emotional Health through Group Counseling with Middle School Students
Advisers: Kenneth Schneider and John Kalafat

Tina Sherry: Family Factors that Influence Self-Resolution of Alcohol Problems: the Significant Other's Perspective
Advisers: Barbara McCrady and Elizabeth E. Epstein

Andrew Fredric Simon: Working Online: the Relationship Tasks and Technology
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer and Cary Cherniss

Deana N. Stevens: Current Beliefs and Practices in the Assessment and Treatment of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems: A Survey of the New Jersey Psychological Association
Advisers: Thomas J. Morgan and Lew Gantwerk

Chatham Clarke Sullivan: Boundary Theory: a Field Study of Groups in Organizations
Advisers: Clayton P. Alderfer and Stanley B. Messer

Michael Evan Weissman: Sport Psychology Services in Public Schools: Breaking New Ground Through Program Development and Support for Student- Athletes and Coaches
Advisers: Charles Maher and Lew Gantwerk

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