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  Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy 2022-2024 Urban Planning and Policy Development Program Urban Planning and Policy Development Degree Options M.C.R.P./M.B.A. Dual-Degree Program  

M.C.R.P./M.B.A. Dual-Degree Program

In 2004, the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers and the Rutgers Business School: Graduate Programs-Newark and New Brunswick (RBS) developed the implementation of a dual master of city and regional planning and master of business administration degree program (M.C.R.P./M.B.A.). The Bloustein School's planning program offers a broad array of courses in such areas as housing, transportation, community development, environment, urban and regional economics, and information technology, as well as concentrations in several specialized areas.

The 84-credit dual M.C.R.P./M.B.A. degree program can be completed in three years of full-time study. The total of 108 credits that would be required to obtain the two degrees separately (48 for M.C.R.P. and 60 for the M.B.A.) is thus reduced by 24 credits (12 credits each way), and the time from four to three years. The dual degree combines the complementary strengths of the two programs and provides a broad professional education ranging from city and regional policy planning to business administration and management. It is intended to produce professionals who will make meaningful contributions to the improvement of cities and regions with a full foundation of business principles.


Students in the three-year course of study will follow the following schedule:

Year 1: RBS: Minimum of 29 credits

Year 2: Bloustein School, urban planning program: Minimum of 24 credits

Year 3: Mix of courses in the RBS and Bloustein School as needed
During the third year, students may need 18 additional RBS credits and 12 additional Bloustein School urban planning program credits to complete the requirements. Students may reduce this load in the third year by taking summer school courses, or by taking a heavier load in years 1 or 2.

Urban Planning Electives
Students will select electives from the graduate course concentrations in the urban planning program. Please consult the concentrations page in this catalog for more information. All dual-program students will also satisfy all other requirements of their respective degrees, and should see the two program descriptions for a complete set of requirements.

It is particularly important that the student obtain prior program approval for courses to be transferred in and counted toward the degree. Students should obtain prior approval from the RBS director of M.B.A. programs, and from the program director for the Bloustein School urban planning program.


Admission to the dual M.C.R.P./M.B.A. degree program is highly selective and requires simultaneous, separate applications to, and acceptance by, each school. The programs have individual admission requirements; applicants should consult each program for the expected content of an application. Part-time study plans are individually arranged to suit a student's particular circumstances; however, completion time is greatly extended.

For information, an application, and consultation on the M.C.R.P. admission and financial support process, please contact Steve Weston, assistant dean for student and academic services at 848-932-2728 or Dean Weston will refer applicants to the correct RBS contact.

The most current program information may be found at the Bloustein School website.
For additional information, contact RU-info at 848-445-info (4636) or
Comments and corrections to: One Stop Student Services Center.

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