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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2018 School of Business-Camden Courses Hospitality Management 537  

Hospitality Management 537
52:537:304 Advanced Hotel Management (3) Concentrates on providing an in-depth view of the various aspects and departments that fall under what is commonly known as hotel management or hotel operations. Some of the specific departments this course will explore are front office, housekeeping, human resources, security, engineering and maintenance, food and beverage, and accounting and finance. Aside from the various operational procedures utilized, the course will also address legal issues within the industry including employment law, service philosophies, best practices, and technology.
52:537:317 Leadership and Quality in Hospitality (3) Focuses on and explores areas such as why traditional management theories do not fit today's hospitality industry, how a company's service strategy relates to guests' perceptions of value and critical moments of truth, and why team building is a high priority for many hospitality organizations.
52:537:322 Financial Decisions in Hospitality Management (3) Introduces students to financial concepts for the hospitality industry, including financial statement and ratio analysis, sources of capital, budgeting, capital investment projects, feasibility studies, and business plans. Throughout the semester, we will utilize concepts learned from the textbook and various online resources to understand the basics of financial management and apply those concepts to the current economic/business climate in the hospitality industry, with a focus on the Atlantic City casino industry.
52:537:408 Tourism Management (3)

Examines today's travel and tourism industry from a global perspective, offering invaluable insights into the economic, political, and social forces that drive and shape it. Provides a broad overview of the science, art, and business of attracting visitors, transporting them, accommodating them, and graciously catering to their needs and wants. Specifically, the course will explore governmental and private sector organizations that provide services, products, and destinations for travelers. Students will also learn about travel motivation, travel behavior, sociology of tourism, tourism planning and policy, tourism research, and tourism marketing.

52:537:412 Responsible Consumerism-Green Business (3) An introduction to the terms, strategies, and best practices associated with the application of environmental sustainability in business. Consumerism within hospitality is the context, which allows for a broad range of applications and examples that include cost-benefits, evaluations, reporting, CSR, and global strategies. The areas of climate change, food security, water shortages, energy alternatives, recycling, reusing, and renewing will be covered.
Formerly titled: Sustainability-Hospitality. Credit cannot be given twice for this course and Sustainability-Hospitality.
52:537:487 Independent Study in Hospitality (BA)

Individual study under the supervision of the hospitality management faculty, usually on a specified project or paper, to deepen and broaden the student's professional horizon and enrich the educational experience.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
52:537:491 Special Topics in Hospitality (3) Designed to integrate course materials, introduce newer philosophies and techniques in hospitality management, and apply them to selected problems. Extensive readings and research reports required. Topics vary from semester to semester. Prerequisites: May apply.
52:527:497 Internship in Hospitality (BA) A structured, practical program conducted by a business in cooperation with the School of Business-Camden. Prerequisites: Cumulative grade-point average of 3.0; permission of internship director.
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