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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2008-2010 School of Business-Camden Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management Degree Requirements  

Degree Requirements

Level I. General Curricular Requirements for the Bachelor in Hospitality Management Program

The general curricular requirements for the bachelor in hospitality management program are:

1. 6 credits in 50:350:101-102 English Composition I,II unless exempted by placement examination. Transferring students who have not completed 50:350:101-102 requirements must enroll in the appropriate required course during their first semester of study, complete the course, and continue consecutively thereafter until they successfully complete this requirement.

2. 3 credits from the offerings of the history, philosophy, and religion departments.

3. 6 credits from the offerings of the social science disciplines: economics, political science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and urban studies.

4.4 credits from the offering of the natural science disciplines: astronomy, biological sciences, chemistry, geology, and physics.

5. 6 credits from the offerings of the mathematics or computer science disciplines.

6. 3 credits in Nutrition 50:520:255.

7. 20 credits in electives from arts and sciences. Courses required for major programs may count toward the completion of both major and general curricular requirements, but no course may be counted toward fulfilling two different categories of the general curricular requirements.

Level II. Hospitality Management Core Requirements (18 credits)

The following hospitality management courses are required for all hospitality management degrees. Hospitality management courses at the 300 level or above must be taken during the junior or senior year.

52:537:304 Advanced Hotel Management (3)
52:537:309 Advanced Marketing in the Hospitality Industry (3)
52:537:403 Advanced Legal Aspects in Hospitality (3)
52:537:404 Advanced Human Resource Management in Hospitality (3)
52:537:406 Advanced Food and Beverage Management and Operations (3)
52:537:407 Advanced Financial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry (3)

Level III. Hospitality Management Major Area Electives (54 credits)

The following courses, or an approved elective, will satisfy the degree requirements:

52:537:302 Hospitality Sales and Advertising (3)
52:537:305 Advanced Bar and Beverage Management (3)
52:537:306 Advanced Gaming Operations and Management (3)
52:537:307 Conference and Meeting Management (3)
52:537:311 Food and Beverage Cost Control (3)
52:537:312 Condominium and Vacation Ownership (3)
52:537:314 Training and Development for the Hospitality Industry (3)
52:537:315 Restaurant Management (3)
52:537:316 Planning and Design of Food-Service Facilities (3)
52:537:317 Leadership and Quality in Hospitality (3)
52:537:318 Food Safety Management and Compliance (3)
52:537:319Hospitality Ethics (3)
52:537:402 Advanced Engineering, Maintenance, and Facilities Management (3)
52:537:405 Security and Loss Prevention (3)
52:537:408 Tourism Management (3)
52:537:409 Hotel Asset Management (3)
52:537:487 Independent Study in Hospitality (3)
52:537:497 Internship in Hospitality (3)

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