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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2008-2010 Degree Requirements Requirements Departmental Honors Programs  

Departmental Honors Programs

The departmental honors programs are designed to provide outstanding students with an opportunity for individual study and research. Students become eligible to enter and continue in an honors program upon the recommendation of the department in which they perform their work. The course of study for each student is devised by the department as a whole, but is under the immediate supervision of the member of the department most familiar with the problem under study.

Students must perform an amount of work in the program no less than the equivalent work load of an elective course in the chosen field (3 credits). Courses taken under honors programs are regarded as electives within the student's major.

Interested students should discuss the program with their departments during their junior year. Upon completion of each semester in the program, the student receives 3 or 4 credits, which may be used toward the satisfaction of the total degree requirements of the college.

At the end of the program, a comprehensive examination tests the student's mastery of the major subject. Upon the recommendation of the major department, the notation "Distinction in [subject]" shall be affixed to the permanent academic record of the student.

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