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  College of Nursing 2010–2012 Academic Policies and Procedures Scholastic Standing Cumulative Grade-Point Average  

Cumulative Grade-Point Average

The cumulative grade-point average is computed by multiplying the grade received in each course taken for credit (and to be included in the average) by the number of credits the course is worth to obtain the grade points earned in that course. The grade points earned in all such courses are then added together and the sum divided by the total credits of those courses.

Grade (Numerical Equivalent) x Credits = Grade Points

Total Grade Points / Total Credits = Cumulative Grade-Point Average

Adjusted Cumulative Grade-Point Average. If warranted, first-year students' first-semester grades may be omitted from the cumulative grade-point average. All credits earned in the first semester are applicable to the degree requirements. This average is known as the adjusted cumulative grade-point average. A student who elects to have these grades omitted should complete a form for this purpose available in the Office of Student Services on the Newark Campus or at 110 Paterson Street on the New Brunswick Campus. This must be done by the end of the second semester of the first year. This rule is not applicable to transfer students.
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