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  The Graduate School of Education 2022-2024 Financial Aid Merit-Based Financial Aid  

Merit-Based Financial Aid

Assistantships, Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships

All applicants are considered automatically for university-based assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships. Inquiries should be addressed to the director of the graduate program to which the student has applied. Students are encouraged to apply for externally funded fellowships as well.

Assistantships Awarded by the University.  Graduate students in assistantship positions have the opportunity of working with Graduate School of Education (GSE) faculty and staff in a variety of research and professional projects, teaching, or assisting in courses. Assistantships provide full tuition remission and an annual stipend. Please see your academic adviser or your departmental office for information on assistantship opportunities.

Bevier and University Fellowships.  Graduates of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and postqualifying students already at the university may apply for Louis Bevier Fellowships and University Fellowships. Funds provided by the state and by the Louis Bevier Memorial Fund, respectively, support a limited number of fellowships that carry stipends of $13,000. The Louis Bevier Memorial Fund was established through the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Wright in honor of the late Dean Bevier. For further information, go to the following website:

Ralph Johnson Bunche Distinguished Graduate Award.  Established in 1979, this distinguished graduate award is named after Ralph Johnson Bunche, the African-American statesman, Nobel Peace laureate, and recipient of an honorary doctor of laws from Rutgers in 1949. Bunche fellows are chosen by a universitywide selection committee. Bunche fellowships provide $15,000 plus tuition remission for as many as two years to exceptional, new, full-time students with backgrounds of substantial educational or social disadvantage.

Diversity Advancement Program in Teaching and Research.  Through referral from graduate program directors, the Diversity Advancement Program identifies individuals whose ethnicity, gender, or other characteristics make them unusual among students in their respective fields. Fellowships from various sources are allocated to encourage the enrollment of these students and thus diversify the graduate community. The fellowships awarded are comparable to those awarded through the schools and colleges.

Graduate School of Education Aid Programs

The Graduate School of Education (GSE) has funds for student financial aid that generally range from $500 to $5,000 per year. To be considered for a scholarship award, students of the GSE MUST submit a scholarship application. Scholarship applications and detailed descriptions of awards are available on the Graduate School of Education website: The deadline for applications for these funds is March 8. Decisions are made by June 30 and all awards are applied to the fall semester. In order to be considered for the awards that stipulate financial need as one of the criteria, a current FAFSA form must be filed.

Specific awards include Burns Family Endowment for Teacher Leadership, Center for Literacy Development Endowed Scholarship, Charles Sumner Crow Endowed Scholarship, Clarence E. Partch Memorial Fellowship, Dr. Evelyn Morrison Endowed Scholarship, Edna Hartzel Laird Endowed Scholarship, Edward Fry Endowed Graduate Fellowship, Ensign T. and Vivian R. Slayton Endowed Scholarship, Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN), Graduate School of Education Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship, Graduate School of Education Alumni and Friends Scholarship, Graduate/Law School, Hand to Hand Scholarship, Madelyn McCarthy Miller Memorial Scholarship, Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship, Norma Nevola Sutera Memorial Endowed Scholarship, Ruth and Stanley Kosensky Fellowship, Samuel D. Proctor Scholarship, Samuel D. Proctor Fellowship, and Students Supporting Students Scholarships. (Scholarship fund availability is subject to change without notice.)

Other Fellowships and Scholarships.  Each department continually seeks funds from outside agencies to help defray student expenses. Inquiries regarding the availability of such monies may be made through graduate program offices and advisers.
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