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  Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology 2014–2016 Admission General Information  

General Information

The Psy.D. programs of the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP) and the clinical Ph.D. program of the Graduate School-New Brunswick are open to men and women from the United States and abroad who have graduated from approved institutions of learning with a background in psychology or its demonstrated equivalent. An attempt is made to create a diversity of backgrounds and interests among students admitted.

The size of each entering class is strictly limited, and admission is highly selective. Therefore, some candidates who meet or surpass the stated requirements may be denied admission.

Students are admitted for entrance into these programs only in the fall semester. The formal application plus all supporting materials must be received by the graduate admissions office no later than January 9. Applications received after January 9 may be reviewed and acted upon only if time permits adequate review of credentials.

Candidates who are accepted are expected to register in the fall of the year for which they applied. Those who fail to do so must repeat the entire application process when they wish to be reconsidered.

The application and supporting credentials are carefully reviewed and decisions are made by the faculty of the program to which the applicant has applied. The Committee on Admissions reserves the right to act on incomplete applications, but applicants should be aware that incompleteness reduces the likelihood that the application will be rated highly.

GSAPP abides by the informal procedures of the major psychology programs, offering admittance to applicants on or about April 1 and expecting a final decision no later than April 15. An individual who formally accepts another program and subsequently wishes to accept GSAPP's offer must request and receive a written release from the original school before accepting GSAPP's offer.

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