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  Graduate School–Camden 2013–2015 Programs, Faculty, and Courses Mathematical Sciences 645 Teaching in Mathematical Sciences  

Teaching in Mathematical Sciences

Required Courses

  56:645:505  Analysis I (3)

  56:645:507  Contemporary Issues: Teaching Beyond Regurgitation (3)

  56:645:508  Mathematical Reasoning (3)

  56:645:531  Geometry (3)

  56:645:549-550  Linear Algebra and Applications I,II (3,3)

  56:645:556  Visualizing Mathematics by Computer (3)

Elective Courses

  56:645:503-504  Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable I,II (3,3)

  56:645:506  Analysis II (3)

  56:645:530  Theory of Manifolds (3)

  56:645:532  Differential Geometry (3)

  56:645:540  Computational Number Theory and Cryptography (3)

  56:645:545  Topology (3)

  56:645:551-552  Abstract Algebra I,II (3,3)

  56:645:570  Special Topics in Pure Mathematics (3)

  56:645:575  Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations (3)

  56:645:698  Independent Study in Pure Mathematics (3)

  56:645:700  Thesis in Pure Mathematics (3)

This track also offers a Teacher Preparation Program (TPP), leading to New Jersey State Teacher's certification. The course and other requirements for TPP depend on individual cases. Details can be obtained upon consultation with the program director.

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