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  School of Law-Camden 2012-2014 Course Listing First-Year Courses  

First-Year Courses

As a general practice, each first-year course is divided into two or more sections. Each first-year student is assigned randomly to specific sections of his or her first-year courses.

601:501 Civil Procedure (4) Development of procedure, jurisdiction, and venue; stating the plaintiff's claims, amendments, defendants' responsive pleadings, discovery, pretrial, disposition of cases with trial, right to jury trial, res judicata, parties, interpleader, intervention, class suits, impleader, introduction to appellate review. Beckerman, Eyer, Ryan, Stein, Stephens, Swedloff, Williams.
601:506 Constitutional Law (4) Functioning of courts in interpreting constitutions, separation of powers, powers of national and state governments, due process, equal protection of law, and an introduction to concepts of personal rights. Bosniak, Dane, Freedman, Hawkins, Maltz, Rosenblatt, Vildostegui.
601:511 Contracts (4) An introduction to the law of contracts, including the requirements for the formation of contractual obligations and some examples of quasi-contractual obligations (restitution). Included are problems relating to the agreement process, consideration and its equivalents, formalities of contracting, remedies, conditions, excuses for nonperformance, third-party beneficiaries, and assignment and delegation. Considerable emphasis is placed upon statutory analysis, using appropriate sections of the Uniform Code. The impact of social and economic factors upon the formation and performance of certain contracts is also considered. Afilalo, Feinman, Hyland, Korobkin, Patterson.
601:516 Criminal Law (4) An examination of the substantive criminal law stressing analysis of the justification of punishment, the definition of offenses, the significance of resulting harm, group criminality, and methods of exculpation. Braithwaite, Clark, Coombs, Ferzan, Friedell, Walen.
601:530 LAWR I - Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research (2) An introduction to the fundamentals of legal reasoning, research, and writing. Includes classroom instruction, library exercises, LEXIS and WESTLAW training, independent research, and writing projects. Cohen, Covie, Jenoff, Mallgrave, Ricks, Robbins, Rodriguez, Shashoua, Wallinger.
601:550 LAWR II - Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research (2) An introduction to the rudiments of persuasive legal writing. Students prepare a trial brief based on an issue from their fall Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research course. In addition, they draft and revise an appellate brief and present oral arguments based on their written briefs. Sessions meet regularly to facilitate discussion and practice in the art of brief writing and oral argument. Cohen, Covie, Jenoff, Mallgrave, Ricks, Robbins, Rodriguez, Shashoua, Wallinger.
601:536 Property (4) An introduction to the concept of property generally precedes the study of ownership and use of land. Estates in land, their evolution and characteristics; concurrent ownership; adverse possession; landlord and tenant, the creation and nature of the relationship, rights, and liabilities; private methods of allocating and developing land resources; the nonpossessory interests; easements, covenants, and conditions; waste; support; and nuisance. Carrier, Goodman, Lastowka, Oren.
601:541 Torts (4) Protection of personal integrity, including for example, freedom from personal contact and infliction of mental distress and compensation for personal injuries; the fault system analyzed and compared to modern insurance theory and strict liability concepts. Braithwaite, Feinman, Ferzan, Friedell, Goldfarb, Maltz, Mutcherson, Oberdiek, Scales.
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